My mother told me that ‘nonsense’ ordinance remark was too strong: Rahul

My mother told me that ‘nonsense’ ordinance remark was too strong: Rahul

He,however,stood by his intent and said it represented many Congress workers' voices.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi,who had trashed the government’s ordinance on convicted lawmakers as ‘nonsense’, on Thursday said that his mother,party president Sonia Gandhi,told him that the words he used were too strong.

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The Congress leader,however,added that his sentiments were honest while he made the remark on the issue of the ordinance on convicted lawmakers,adding that his words may have been wrong.

Asserting that he listened to his heart on the ordinance issue,Rahul Gandhi said,“I had to voice my opinion to which I have a right.”


This came a day after the UPA government was compelled to withdraw the controversial ordinance after the Congress vice president criticised it in strong terms publicly,terming it as “complete nonsense” and saying that it should be “torn up and thrown away”.

I am a follower of Mahatma Gandhi: Rahul Gandhi

What came as a shock to many was that the statement by the Gandhi scion was made just hours before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was scheduled to meet US President Barack Obama in Washington.

However,ruling out any embarrassment over the issue,while on his way back to India,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that he would not resign and would discuss it with Rahul Gandhi.

A day after his return to India,the Prime Minister discussed the issue with Rahul,and later in the day,called a Cabinet meet where the ordinance and the bill on that issue was withdrawn.

Ordinance on convicted lawmakers nonsense: Rahul Gandhi

The government was pushed into a corner on the issue after the President summoned three senior UPA ministers last week to convey his unease over the ordinance. Mukherjee also asked the ministers about the constitutionality of issuing the ordinance on a matter that the parliament was already seized of.

The ordinance sought to negate the Supreme Court July 10 order on immediate disqualification of convicted MPs and MLAs. The Supreme Court had struck down a section in the Representation of the People Act which gave a three-month breather to lawmakers to approach a higher court for appeal after conviction.

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