Congress relies on ‘divisive’ politics, says Narendra Modi at Meerut rally

Modi targets Samajwadi Party, says Akhilesh-government is corrupt.

New Delhi | Updated: February 2, 2014 3:40:59 pm
Narendra Modi claims Cente neglecting Meerut. Narendra Modi claims Centre neglecting Meerut.

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Meerut on Sunday as he launched attack on Congress and party president Sonia Gandhi.

Here are the highlights of Modi’s rally in Meerut: 

3.15 pm: Launching his attack against Congress, Modi says, “Congress is a divisive party as it relies on communal disharmony. It believes in divide and rule and in votebank politics.”

3.10 pm: Modi responds to Sonia’s ‘poison jibe’. “If power is poison, who were the ones that held position of power the most? So who has tasted poison the most?” questions Modi.

3.07 pm: Modi takes on Congress as he says Congressmen do not want to answer crucial questions. “When they are asked one question, they answer something else,” Modi adds.

3.00 pm: Modi rakes up death of Northeast student in Delhi, launches attack on Sonia Gandhi. “Death of Northeast student is unfortunate and very serious matter. Madam Soniaji, a youth from Arunachal Pradesh was attacked and killed under your nose,” he says.

“Why can’t students from North East get houses easily?” questions Modi as he says: “Northeast is part of our country and we should ensure best of facilities for them.”

2.55 pm: In Meerut, Narendra Modi promises a riot-free Uttar Pradesh. “Gujarat is free of riots. We have to make Uttar Pradesh riot free. We have to free this state from violence and killings. I assure you, we will give you a violence-free Uttar Pradesh,” Modi says.

2.50 pm: Narendra Modi targets Akhilesh Yadav, says UP government is corrupt. “Samajwadi Party is a ‘Samajvirodhi Party’. Women in Uttar Pradesh are unsafe under SP rule,” Modi says.

2.45 pm: Such is the plight of Uttar Pradesh, that power supply in the state is the news, not the power failure. “Gujarat gets electricity for 24 days and 365 days and many people cannot believe it,” says Narendra Modi.

2.40 pm: Meerut is seen as one of the fastest growing cities in India.

2.30 pm: Modi remembers the bravehearts of freedom struggle. Modi slams Congress for insulting the the martyrs of the 1857 revolt by not giving them due recognition. “If the nation knew the truth of 1857, they would lose faith over the Congress,” he says.

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