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Lions fuel tussle between Jairam Ramesh and Narendra Modi

Jairam Ramesh pressed Narendra Modi to shed his 'pride' and part with some of Gujarat's lions.

Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh today pressed Gujarat to part with some of its lions,saying they should be translocated and have a second home in Madhya Pradesh.

The lions are part of a pet project of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and he has gone on record against their transfer within or outside India.

The Minister,who visited Sasan Gir Sanctuary in Junagadh district,the only abode of Asiatic lions,said he is hopeful that the Narendra Modi government will agree to the proposal of having a second home for Gujarat lions in MP.


Ramesh has criticised Modi for not paying attention as the lions are in danger as they have inbred and that may cause them to die eventually,which would be unacceptable.

The Gujarat government has already rejected the proposal made several times before on the ground the Gir lions were the “pride” of the state.

The issue of sharing Gir lions with MP is a bone of contention between the Governments of Gujarat,MP and the Centre.

“You know more than 1,000 lions died due to diseases in Tanzania. Here in Gir,the lions have an inbred population and genetic diversity of the lions here is also limited,” Ramesh told reporters after a visit to the sanctuary.

“Many scientists are of the view that the lions should have a second home. I have written to the Gujarat Government to transfer some lions to MP.”

“But the Government here thinks lions are their pride possession,” Ramesh said,adding he hopes that someday the proposal to translocate the lions will be accepted by the State Government.

The Gujarat Government has time and again made it clear it will not share the big cats with MP. As per the last Census,the sanctuary is home to around 400 lions.

Ramesh has even offered Modi tigers in exchange for lions. But Modi’s response was,”We want Gujarat to have tigers,but we will not give our lions.”

Ramesh also went on a safari and was lucky to sight eight lions. He inspected various facilities in the sanctuary for the wildlife.

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