In Kurukshetra, Modi targets Hooda, slams Chautala for ‘taking oath from Tihar’ remark

I do not need support of people sitting in Tihar, I do not need such governance, said Narendra Modi.

Written by Varinder Bhatia | Kurukshetra | Updated: October 6, 2014 3:13:14 pm

Ahead of Haryana Assembly Polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing an election campaign rally in Kurukshetra on Sunday targetted CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda and also slammed Om Prakash Chautala for his comment about ‘taking oath from inside the jail’.

Slamming INLD’s ‘unconditional support’ to him, Modi said, “I do not need support of people sitting in Tihar. I do not need such governance. I need love of people of Haryana. I request such politicians that they should not go to people showing my pictures and seeking votes”.

Modi slammed Chautala. Mincing no words he said, “he doesn’t even trust his own sons. Despite being in jail, he is yet seeking votes for him only. Rather than that, he could have said that he has grown old and people should give his sons a chance”.

“I was thinking that somebody who is in Tihar jail should say that he will come out and work for the welfare of people. But instead he says that he will ‎take oath inside jail. This is shocking”, Modi said targetting Chautala.

Referring to Mahabharata, PM Modi said, “Kurukshetra is a land of victory. This land is where truth prevailed upon lie. I salute this land. It is the land of warriors. It is the land of farmers who feed this country. I salute this land”.

This election has come with a new hope and trust. We have seen Haryana being robbed, looted. ‎We have seen how government’s have used government coffers as their family’s private properties. You need to decide till what time we will let Haryana getting robbed”.

Posing confidence in people, Modi added, “If anybody can save Haryana, it’s the voters of this State. These voters need to decide if they want to get divided in castism or get united and change the fate of Haryana”.

“The way people of Haryana and people of entire country supported me in Lok Sabha polls, I am thankful. The kind of full majority government you wanted, it has been formed in Delhi. If people of Haryana can form a stable government in Delhi, why not in Haryana as well”, he said.

“You have given lots of love to Modi, would you all give ur same love to Haryana also or not?”, the crowd responded in affirmative.

Hitting at political dynasties, Modi said,”whoever sat in power in Haryana, his family dominated, occupied entire Haryana. Dynasties went forward, My Haryana got left behind.‎ If you all follow the path of democracy, anybody of you can achieve lots. A few politicians are amazing. I am surprised that a land that belongs to Lord Krishna, yet politicians dare to tell lies”.

Modi again targetted Hooda accusing him of Levying four percent tax on Basmati, because of which Haryana farmers’ produce can’t compete with produces of farmers of other states. This Congress government needs to be punished for their lies.

You should all ensure that not even a single Congress man enters Vidhan Sabha, he said.

He also spoke of the skewed sex-ratio in Haryana. “Daughters have been killed in the wombs of mothers. Have these daughters committed a sin for which they are being killed before even their birth. It is our duty to save these daughters. I promise you all that this will be our priority. Ensuring safety, security, respect to women shall be our top priority”, he added.

Interacting with the youth in the crowd, Modi again referred to job avenues, better employment. He said, “Kurukshetra has the potential of even growing better than Noida or Gurgaon.

“Wherever I am going, I am talking of Kurukshetra. I met Obama, Jinping and Japanese premier, spoke of Kurukshetra. I presented Geeta to all of them. I have become your brand ambassador. Terrorism divides, tourism unites”, Modi said while projecting his endeavour to promote tourism in Haryana, primarily in Kurukshetra.

In his typical style of connecting the crowd using his “chai-bechne waala” remark, Modi urged people to work towards promoting tourism, saying ” it will change the fortunes of people of Kurukshetra”.

Concluding his speech, he spoke of “Make in India” campaign, foreign investment in India. He elaborated of how much investments he has been able to bring in for India’s development from Japan, United States of America and China.

Seeking votes for BJP, he said, “get me the BJP government in Haryana, so that after five years you can hold me from the ear and hold Haryana government also from its ear. If there wont be a BJP government in Haryana, nobody will be ready to take the blame”.

PM Modi also spoke of farmers’ lands being acquired and being handed over to private builders, colonisers.

He also slammed Haryana police for seeing “lawlessness, land grabs” as “mute spectators”. “If you want to get rid of such goons, get the BJP government. I want to give skill development to Haryana’s youth”.

“Congress had been ruling this country for 60 years. They had looted this country and now want my performance review of 60 days”, he said.

“I would like to tell one thing to the political pundits also. You need to decide whether you again want to be proven wrong. During LS polls, these political pundits had done all wrong predictions. They predicted a maximum of 180 seats, but the people of this country gave me 282 seat. People who are predicting seats’ calculations, I would like to tell my pundit friends that the voter will press so many buttons on BJP’s name on October 15 that they will form the BJP government in Haryana as well” Modi said.

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