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Lok Sabha Elections: Narendra Modi, Amit Shah to meet NDA allies today NaMo TV disappears as campaiging for Lok Sabha elections end FROM THE CHAIR You have also been after a woman since yesterday. That is why women (female members of the BJP) are displeased Sumitra Mahajan, Lok Sabha Speaker to the Opposition when they […]

You have also been after a woman since yesterday. That is why women (female members of the BJP) are displeased
Sumitra Mahajan, Lok Sabha Speaker to the Opposition when they pointed out that the BJP’s women MPs were vociferous

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister
I had strongly disapproved this kind of language… In the heat of elections, we should try to avoid such things, I had told this to our party MPs before it was raised in the House. In this context, the minister — who is new, who has come to the House for the first time, whose background is also well-known to all of you — has apologised… in future we all should not cross the limits of dignity… I appeal to the House that we should work for the interest of the country.
Said in his one-and-half minute statement in Rajya Sabha on Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti’s remarks.

It is very unfortunate that we as a nation are a disaster when it comes to dealing with natural disasters…We wake up to these disasters only when they strike, not before or after. This is why, it is not the disaster per se which causes more deaths but it is our inability to handle these disasters which increases the casualty rate
Anupriya Patel,
Apna Dal MP, while participating in a discussion in the Lok Sabha on calamities

Ashwani Kumar, Congress
Que: On how the Congress views the Prime Minister’s statement on the Sadhvi and the future course of action


The Prime Minister has made a statement disapproving of the remarks made by Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti. Why is the Opposition still not satisfied?
We are not satisfied because the words used by her have brought the political discourse to its lowest ebb and has hurt the sensitivities of an entire section of the society. Never before were such words used which are considered most derogatory in the Indian culture. The least that is expected of the PM is to say that the Minister, who by the use of such words violated her oath of office, is disqualified. If this is not done then it would be an implicit endorsement of what she has said.

What will be your next course of action?
As of today, the mood of the Opposition is to compel the PM to walk the talk. This matter is not going to be allowed to die down merely by a statement of regret.
But why is the same level of outrage not visible in the Lok Sabha?
I think we have made our point strongly in the Lok Sabha. But, of course, the leader of the Congress parliamentary party would have consulted our supporting parties and taken the right step.

The PM has suggested the Minister is a first timer…
There is a pattern in such statements. And that is what makes it so dangerous. There is a consistent pattern in the political discourse of the Sangh Parivar including the members of the government which points to a divisive agenda, a  political strategy to polarise the nation along  religious lines… That is why secular parties have to become an effective opposition which would work to secure a liberal, pluralist, secular and progressive foundation.

Will the RS transact any business on Friday?
Not until the issue is resolved to our satisfaction.

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