May 3 elections roundup: Mamata Banerjee rules out allying with BJP

Banerjee said it was not possible to ally with a party which wanted to divide Bengalis and non-Bengalis.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: May 3, 2014 10:05:28 pm

Mamata Banerjee

Here are the latest updates on Elections 2014:

21.09 pm: Dismissing claims that Trinamool Congress would ally with BJP, party chief Mamata Banerjee said it “will never happen”.

8.35 pm:

8.00 pm:

7.35 pm: Congress Vice President Rahul ruled out the possibility of his party supporting the Third Front to form the government.

7.00 pm: Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav claimed a Third Front government would emerge as the “strongest possibility” after declaration of Lok Sabha election results.

6.40 pm:  An FIR was today registered against Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma for violating Model Code of Conduct by making “objectionable” remarks on Narendra Modi.

6.25 pm:  BJP today blamed “vote-bank” politics of Congress governments at the Centre and the state for the violence in Assam and alleged that they had not taken adequate timely steps to prevent the riots after two similar episodes earlier.

6.18 pm: Attacking Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati today alleged he was contesting from Azamgarh Lok Sabha seat only to “please his second wife”.

6.05 pm: An FIR was today lodged against Aam Aadmi Party candidate Kumar Vishwas and his 12 unidentified supporters for allegedly assaulting a cameraperson of a Hindi daily here, police said.

5.45 pm: Welcoming Centre’s decision to constitute a judicial commission to probe ‘snoopgate’ issue, Union minister Beni Prasad Verma demanded fast track courts to punish those guilty of demolishing disputed structure in Ayodhya and the post Godhra riots.

5.34 pm:  Modi stands for ‘Model of Dividing India’, Congress said today, giving the BJP’s PM candidate back in the same coin, and accused BJP leaders of playing the “communal card” to garner votes.

5.20 pm: The BJP today said it was against giving refugee status to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India.

5.06 pm: Supporters of Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan today staged a protest here against the Election Commission which has banned the leader from campaigning in Uttar Pradesh.

4.48 pm: Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav exuded confidence that a Third Front government will come to power at the Center.

4.20 pm: 

4.08 pm: Trashing Arun Jaitley’s contention that government’s action on snoopgate probe were illegitimate, Law Minister Kapil Sibal said he “should go back to law” before making such statements and insisted that a judge to head the inqury will be named before May 16.

3:33 pm: The BJP doesn’t want people to prosper, says Rahul.

3:29 pm: I won’t go anywhere from Amethi, says Rahul.

3:28 pm: Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Amethi.

3:13 pm: Lalu Prasad speaks too much, but he is not even sure if he will get even one seat, says Prasad.

3:13 pm: Akhilesh Yadav is scared of the Modi wave in UP, says Prasad.

3:12 pm: The BJP urges the EC to ensure deputation of central forces to eastern UP, which are going to polls, says Prasad.

3:10 pm: Whatever the situation in Assam it is because of vote-bank politics, says Prasad.

3:09 pm: Congress is talking about Snoopgate, but it is Stoopgate that the Congress has stooped so low, says Prasad.

3:08 pm: The BJP would like to know who is representing the state of Assam from Rajya Sabha to maintain law and order, good governance, says Prasad.

3:06 pm: Whatever Congress party does, the focus of BJP is on good governance, corruption, price rise and safety, says Prasad.

3:05 pm: Congress is not used to losing, they think the contract to run the nation lies with them, says Prasad.

3:04 pm: The BJP is likely to do exceedingly well in those areas where they haven’t been so strong, says Prasad.

3:00 pm: I would urge my friends in the Congress party to reconcile in their imminent defeat, says Ravi Shankar Prasad.

1:55 pm: Congress leader Kapil Sibal hit out at Modi saying he stands for Model of diving India.

12:58 pm: We want to give ATM’s to the poor, says Rahul.

12:56 pm: I remember how Amethi used to be without road, water, electricity and people were hungry. We have an old familial relationship with Amethi, says Rahul.

12:55 pm: People come from all over the country to Amethi, throw stones, abuse and go away in five years. But I will give my life for Amethi, says Modi.

12:53 pm: My goal is to pave the way forward for Amethi, says Rahul.

12:52 pm: Bill gates came to India and said Amethi’s women have done wonders, says Rahul.

12:50 pm: My another goal is to help farmers, and the biggest work is the food park in Amethi where 40 processing plants have been setup so that farmers from nearby districts and Amethi can sell their food to others, says Rahul.

12:49 pm: When I became an MP, not even a litre of milk was exported from Amethi. Today, Delhi received your milk, says Rahul.

12:49 pm: With the help of the dedicated railway line, thousands of youth will get employment, says Rahul.

12:48 pm: People know that between me and you, we share a close relationship and not a political relationship. Opposition wants to break our relationship, says Rahul.

12:47 pm: When the Congress party comes to power at the Centre, you will see what I do in Amethi for women, says Rahul.

12:46 pm: We detest the the politics of anger. I haven’t said anything about other politicians, but they come and use abusive language., says Rahul.

12:45 pm: If you want to take the nation forward you have to join the poor, says Rahul.

12:44 pm: We want to give ATM’s to the poor, says Rahul.

12:42 pm: Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Amethi.

12:40 pm: I am not going to attribute motives and even insinuate why somebody has made a particular statement, but suffice to say that Jawhar Sircar is a distinguished person and so far as the ministry is concerned, we have an arms-length relation with Prasar Bharti, Its a board-driven organistion, says Tewari.

12:35 pm: I&B Minister Manish Tewari told the media that it has not in any way interfered in the daily work of Prasar Bharti, said Tewari.

12:24 pm: Once I remove the ‘lootere’, I won’t let anyone loot this country: Modi in Uttarakhand

12:23 pm: The ‘mother-son’ government says don’t think about corruption, and they think during elections people will forget about corruption just like BOFORS scam.

12:21 pm: Corruption has ruined the nation, but the saddest part is the mother-son government in New Delhi doesn’t care at all about the nation, says Modi.

12:20 pm: Indian politics has become so nasty that even when you are going to begin some noble work, people look for personal gains, says Modi.

12:18 pm: Has the level of politics fallen so much that people can’t wipe each other’s tears or share their sorrows, says Modi.

12:17 pm: Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Srinagar.

12.01 pm: According to reports, two Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers have been injured in a clash with Congress workers in Amethi.

11.58 am:

11.51 am:

11.18 am: “Seeing the direct and indirect attack on AAP workers in Amethi, we sense that Congress may try to play foul on the polling day. So we request EC to keep an eye on the polling stations and polling at all booths be video recorded”, says Kumar Vishwas.

 11.01 am:


10.55 am: AAP leader Yogendra Yadav reacts to DD controversy. “Prasar Bharti is like a govt arm. Sad situation. Was worse under Pramod Mahajan”, he said.

10.01 am:

9.36 am


9.17 am: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi will visit Amethi today. It will be his first visit after filing nomination from there.

9.02 am: BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will address rallies across Uttarakhand today.

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