Displaced Mizoram Bru tribals go for postal ballot

Bru members exercise their franchise to elect an MP for lone Mizoram lok Sabha seat.

Aizawl | Updated: April 1, 2014 1:13:13 pm

Members of the six camps of displaced Bru tribe of Mizoram in Tripura on Tuesday came forward to cast their votes through postal ballots. The turnout till 9 am was not remarkable, with merely 419 voters registering at the poll booth, Mizoram Joint CEO H Lalengmawia said.

While the Tripura CEO is organizing the polls in the relief camps this time, the Mizoram CEO has sent six nodal officers to oversee the process. The polls will continue till April 3.

At least 11,179 Bru tribals were displaced from Mizoram in 1997 following an ethnic violence. They are now holed up in the relief camps in Tripura.

It was after the Election commission (EC) declared that Mizoram refugees in Tripura are elegible to cast their votes, the tribal members used their franchise through postal ballots for the lone Mizoram Lok Sabha seat.

Candidates of the political parties from Mizoram stayed away from campaigning in Tripura due to widespread opposition to the EC’s approval for casting of votes only for Mizoram Lok Sabha seat.

EC approved voting for lone Mizoram Lok Sabha seat after a Delhi High Court order.

“Workers from local units of the political parties had been quietly going door-to-door to campaign, familiarizing residents with their respective parties’ election symbols. But other than that there was no campaigning here. There are hardly any posters or flag,” said a Bru leader in Naisingpara, the largest Bru relief camp.

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