Country could face communal violence if Narendra Modi becomes PM: Mayawati

Mayawati asked the people to be cautious and not to fall into the trap of vote bank.

Jammu | Updated: April 1, 2014 7:57:26 pm

BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday said if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister “even by mistake”, the country could face communal violence which will destroy the nation.

“If such a person (Modi) for any reason and by mistake becomes Prime Minister, the country could any time face communal clashes which would result in damage and destruction of the nation,” Mayawati said while addressing a public rally at Parade-ground on Tuesday.

Mayawati, who arrived late by three hours at the rally to campaign for his party candidates for Jammu LS constituency Ashok Kumar and Dharam Pal Balgotra (for Udhampur LS seat), asked the people to “stop them (Modi and BJP) from coming to power at the Centre”.

Former UP Chief Minister also attacked BJP for fielding Modi as PM nominee saying, BJP has named a person as its Prime Ministerial candidate during whose regime communal clashes broke out in Gujarat in 2002. Making an appeal to people to not to vote for Congress, Mayawati said that Congress has not named Rahul Gandhi as its PM candidate but was contesting Lok Sabha elections with the sole aim to make him as the Prime Minister.

“You have also to stop Congress from coming to power at the Centre as Congress during past over 60 years of rule has done nothing good for the people of the country. Their governments have failed on all the fronts,” she said. Mayawati asked the people to be cautious and not to fall into the trap of vote bank. She also asked them not be misled by the propaganda and projections by various political leaders about their future strategies.

BSP Chief said that people should also be aware about the manifesto of various political parties who would try to lure by making promises “but these parties, with their governments at the Centre and at the states, have failed implement even 50 per cent of what they had promised”.

Questioning Modi’s claim of betterment in overall situation of the country after BJP comes to the power, she said, “…we would like to know from Modi about what changes his party had brought when they were in power for six years.” She said why his party could not improve the country’s deteriorating situation during its six-year rule. “BJP leaders failed to give answers to our questions in this regard”.

Clarifying her party’s decision not to release election manifesto, she said we do not release any election manifesto because our party believes in performing at the grass root level than issuing mere slogans on papers and UP is the biggest proof of this. She also attacked Congress for failing to bring the black money stashed abroad back. Taking at dig at UPA government, she said that new anti-corruption laws were formed but they were not effectively implemented to weed out corruption.

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