Congress will be wiped out in polls for its ‘sins’: Narendra Modi

Modi said Telangana had been created because of the sacrifices of hundreds of people, not because of Congress.

Gulbarga | Updated: March 4, 2014 6:17:41 pm

Sharpening his attack against Congress, Narendra Modi on Friday said an anti-Congress storm was brewing in the country and it would intensify into a ‘tsunami’ which the party would not be able to survive in the Lok Sabha elections.

“Elections have not been announced yet but there is already a storm brewing (against Congress). Once the elections are announced the storm will become a tsunami and Congress won’t be able to survive it,” the BJP’s  Prime Ministerial candidate said while addressing a public rally here.

Modi said Congress was going to be wiped out because of “its sins” and people had realised that it was the root cause of their troubles.

“People of the country have understood that the reason for their troubles is the Congress party. For the poor, youth and farmers, the most important thing is to uproot the Congress,” he said.

Referring to eminent jurist Fali Nariman’s refusal to be part of Lokpal search committee, the Gujarat Chief Minister said this was a proof of Congress’ ‘corrupt’ politics.

Dwelling on the Telangana issue, he accused the Congress of playing politics of divide and rule and said that Congress erred in leaving Seemandhra to fend for themselves, knowing the party would not get any thing from the region.

“They make people fight, while they enjoy themselves in Delhi. They break the country, they break states, they break hearts,” he said.

“Seemandhra is also a part of India, but the government at the Centre has orphaned it,” Modi said adding “We want both Telangana and Seemandhra to thrive but Congress is a doctor that believes in killing the mother while delivering a child.”

He also said Telangana had been created because of the sacrifices of hundreds of people, not because of Congress.

Stating that the Congress’ arrogance was at its zenith and it had failed to honour the poll promises, he urged people not to trust the party and their leaders’ intent.

“Don’t trust promises made by the Congress, their leaders and their intent. They had promised to curb inflation in 100 days, but did they live up to their promises? Don’t trust those who betray public trust,” he said.

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