BJP will not come to power: Mamata

Mamta Banarjee criticised Centre's decision to raise expenditure limit for Lok Sabha elections to Rs. 70 Lakhs.

Kolkata | Published: March 5, 2014 9:47:07 pm

Confident that BJP would not come to power in thisd year’s Lok Sabha polls, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday said that her party Trinamool Congress would emerge as the third largest party in the country.
“Trinamool Congress will be the third largest party in the country and will play a key role in forming government,” she said, while releasing the list of her party’s candidates for the Lok Sabha poll in West Bengal and some other states.

Trinamool Congress is not part of the third front floated recently by 11 parties incluing the Left. On her prime ministerial prospect, Banerjee, said, “I am not an astrologer. I am not in any competition. There are so many people aspiring. The people will decide.”

She stressed the importance of this Lok Sabha poll, saying there would be certain change of government at the Centre but ruled out BJP’s ascent to power.

She alleged that the ruling Congress and the BJP were working together, as evident in their mutual cooperation on the Telangana issue.
Taking a dig at UPA government for “corruption” she said, “We want a stable government. We want a industry-friendly and farmer’s friendly government. We want economic stability and electoral reforms”.
Criticising the Centre’s decision to raise expenditure limits for Lok Sabha elections to a maximum of Rs 70 lakh,
Banerjee reiterated her demand for state funding of elections.

“There is so much talk about black money and corruption, then why this move to increase the expenditure? I don’t know if it’s an attempt to legitimise black money, it’s unfortunate,” she said.

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