BJP promises to extend special status to Seemandhra for 10 yrs

BJP promises to extend special status to Seemandhra for 10 yrs

Naidu said that the BJP will extend the concessions to Seemandhra for 10 years, once it comes to power.

Naidu said that the Congress had no right to question his party over the statehood issue. (Express Archive)
Venkaiah Naidu at a press conference (Express archive). 

Expressing satisfaction at the creation of Telangana, BJP today said it will continue to fight for the concerns of Seemandhra region and promised to extend the Special Category Status to it for 10 years instead of the present five years announced by the government.

BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu questioned the silence of Congress party over not taking up the issue of Telangana creation for years and coming up with a bill in this regard only three months ahead of elections.

He said BJP had proposed to the Prime Minister to extend the concessions to Seemandhra region for 10 years, to compensate it for loss of Hyderabad, but it was granted for only five years. He also promised that after coming to power his party would extend the special status.

“I assure you that we will extend the special category concessions to Seemandhra for 10 years. We will extend the concessions when we will come to power,” he said.


The BJP leader from Andhra Pradesh appealed to people of both the regions to maintain peace after bifurcation of the state and assured them of taking care of the interests of both if his party is voted to power.

“We have no doubt that BJP will come to power. We appeal to people of both the regions. Now, division has become a reality. Let us reconcile to the fact and take advantage of whatever concessions that are given. We know you are not fully satisfied. We will make you satisfied shortly.

“In three months, this government will be out…BJP will be coming to power and we will try to do full justice to both the regions of the state…Forget the past and move forward. Seemandhra also has potentiality to become a strong state.”

He also said he was a little unhappy that Parliament and the government could not do justice to the Seemandhra region, and claimed it was due to BJP pressure that some concessions and package for Seemandhra region could be announced.

He said the BJP “took extra pains” and made meaningful suggestions for the benefit of Seemandhra region and compensate it for the loss of Hyderabad.