BJP manifesto a “laundry list of disconnected ideas”: Congress

Congress said the opposition party's talking of minority welfare "is like talking of dracula as head of the blood bank".

New Delhi | Updated: April 7, 2014 8:05:35 pm

Congress on Monday dismissed the BJP manifesto as a “laundry list of disconnected ideas” and said the opposition party’s talking of minority welfare “is like talking of dracula as head of the blood bank”.

The other tags used by Congress in attacking manifesto ranged from “a high school essay of an uninformed student, a damp squib and a copycat job”. Party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi also accused BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi of copying the remarks of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi at the BJP manifesto release function.

Referring to the document promising madrasa modernisation among other welfare measures, Singhvi charged BJP with being too casual in the job. He reminded Gujarat government had gone upto the Supreme Court to stall the Centre’s scholarships to students from the minority community.

Alleging BJP was not serious about the document, he said that for the first time in independent India, a manifesto has been released when people had reached the booths to participate in the first phase of polling.

“It shows how seriously they insult the intelligence of people of India. It is the manifesto of a party which takes people of India granted. It is perversion and subversion of the very concept of manifesto”, Singhvi said adding the delay was because BJP did not want to give a chance to the electorate to think on the promises made by it.

Accusing BJP of being a “copycat”, Singhvi said the manifesto was “not even a cut-and-paste job” of Congress document, except change of the name. “Imitation is the best form of flattery. We are fully flattered. They have copied so much that they have even copied the date of the release of Congress manifesto”, he said.

“For BJP, election is about personality, not policy, about a person and not a programme. The pretender PM candidate of this presumptious party has insulted the people of India”, Singhvi said.

He accused BJP of being a victim of selective amnesia in inclusion of future plans in the manifesto and said many of the programmes included in the manifesto have already been implemented by UPA.

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