BJP Manifesto: 10 promises that can change your life, if implemented

BJP Manifesto: 10 promises that can change your life, if implemented

We pick 10 promises that will have the maximum impact on an average India. But remember, these are promises

1. BJP says it is committed to eliminating obsolete laws, regulations and administrative structures.
Why: There are quite a few of them. Unnecessary and illogical legal hurdles could be done away with.

2. IT based jobs in rural and semi-urban areas. It also promises ‘high-speed digital highways to unit the nation.’
Why: Will take the IT revolution and the jobs that come with it to parts of the country that have not yet benefited from the same.

3. Double the number of courts and judges in the sub-orinate judiciary. It also wants to extend fast-track courts to all layers of the judiciary.
Why: Will dramatically reduce delays in the justice delivery system.

4. Networking of police stations and strengthening of investigations, making them swift, transparent and decisive
Why: Can make the police force more professional and reduce delays over jurisdiction


5. Evolve a method to hold Assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously.
Why: This will reduce the burden on the exchequer substantially and reduce expenditure on elections every year.

6. 100 new cities, along with twin cities and satellite towns
Why: Can reduce the population load on Metros and other big cities and pave way for a more balance demographic distribution.

7. Public spending on education to be raised to 6% of GDP.
Why: Can go a long way in ensuring everyone get education and that too quality education.

8. 50 tourist circuit around themes
Why: Has potential to generate thousands of jobs across the country.

9. Strategic rail networks to connect hinterland to ports, agri rail network and bullet train project
Why: Can offer more transportation options across the country. Will reduce dependence on airways for quick connectivity.

10. Pacca house for every family and low cost housing programme
Why: Housing in still one of India’s major issues and getting a permanent house for everyone can change the landscape for ever.