BJP ignored Indore,Cong will make it corporate hub in 10 years: Rahul Gandhi

BJP ignored Indore,Cong will make it corporate hub in 10 years: Rahul Gandhi

'I want to continue my father's fight against negative forces and win with the help of the people'.

Rahul Gandhi promised the people of Indore that the Congress party would make it one of the country’s top five commercial hubs in ten years’ time if it was voted to power.

Speaking at a rally in the city,the Congress vice president said the BJP state government has to answer to the people why Indore has been neglected and the dreams of the youth repressed for the last 10 years.

“The MP government has to hear the voice of the people. It cannot keep them tied. Education and policing have to attain new direction.”,Rahul said,referring to the ‘backward’ status of the historic city.

He said mega-cities Mumbai,Bangalore and Pune grew on the strength of their inhabitants,who were ably assisted by the Congress party,which connected them to the world and opened doors of opportunities for them.


Gandhi said the BJP has been lacking in vision and effort,having opposed the ‘computerisation’ on grounds that it would lead to cuts in jobs.

An emotional Rahul Gandhi said,“There are some negative forces that oppress the youth. When my father became the Prime Minister,he fought these forces too. I want to carry on the fight,and together with the people,win over them.”

Drawing on the same pitch he floated in Churu where he said “anger was never there but always instigated”,Gandhi was also forthcoming on the issue of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar,saying there was no divide between communities anywhere in India,and divisions were being created to serve the narrow interests of some parties which hope to ride the election tide on the back of such nascent strategies.

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