This queue is the last queue to end all queues: PM Modi’s top quotes at Parivartan rally

"For 70 years people queued up for essential items. This queue (outside banks) is the last queue to end all the queues," said PM Modi in Moradabad.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 3, 2016 9:25:26 pm
narendra modi, moradabad, parivartan rally, uttar pradesh, narendra modi moradabad, narendra modi parivartan rally, india news, indian express PM Narendra Modi (Source: ANI photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed the Parivartan rally in UP’s Moradabad in a bid to win support of the people before the upcoming Assembly elections. In the rally, he told the people that he has been fighting the war on corruption for the citizens of the country. PM Modi hailed the common people as his “high command”.

Here are his top quotes:

* Corruption will not get eradicated on its own. We have to fight against it. If someone is fighting against corruption is he doing something wrong? I am surprised that in my own country a few people are accusing me.

* I am fighting this war for you, what will those accusing me do? I am a fakir; will exit with my little belongings.

* Today those who have stashed black money are queuing outside the house of poor people, asking for their help. Dishonest people can’t go to banks now and so they are queuing up outside homes of poor and trying to mislead them.

* Want to tell poor people in whose account money has been deposited, don’t touch that money, if they insist on asking for money, ask for proof. I am finding ways to put behind bars those guilty of stashing their black money into the jandhan accounts of the poor

* I assure you people that I won’t let your hard work, your sacrifice, your struggle go in vain.

* For 70 years people queued up for essential items. This queue (outside banks) is the last queue to end all the queues

* I salute the farmers that despite the hardships that have come their way (after demonetisation) there has been no shortage in sowing. In fact the sowing has increased since last year.

* If one has to eradicate poverty from the country, it is essential to develop big states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra. I have not fought from Uttar Pradesh only to become an MP but wanted to initiate a fight against poverty from this state.

* You, the people are my high command and no one else.

* In the 21st century, my country is ready to become Digital India. Now your bank is in your mobile. There are 40 crore smartphones in this country, at least 40 crore people will get rid of cash transactions. Corruption will come to an end.

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