Their world about abusing Modi… mine for nation: PM

Their world about abusing Modi… mine for nation: PM

He said these parties had come together because he had stopped them from “looting” public money, and the fight was now between the “public and mahagathbandhan”.

PM Modi in Hazira, Gujarat, on Saturday. Hanif Malek

TARGETING THE Opposition rally in Kolkata, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the mahagathbandhan was not just against him but against “all the people of the country”. He said these parties had come together because he had stopped them from “looting” public money, and the fight was now between the “public and mahagathbandhan”.

He said the Opposition parties from across the country had gathered in Kolkata “out of fear”, and were now crying for help. “Pashchim Bangal mein, BJP ka ek MLA hain. Lekin wahan BJP se bachne ke liye, poore Hindustan ke saare log ikathe hue hain. Ek MLA wali party ne unki neend haram kar di hain. Kyun ki hum satya ke marg par chalne wale log hain. Ek MLA hone ki vajah se, Hindustan ki saari jamat wahan ikathe ho kar bachao, bachao, bachao ke naare laga rahi hain… Inki zameen khisak rahi hain, aur dar ke maare ikathe ho rahe hain (In West Bengal, there is only one BJP MLA. But to save themselves from the BJP, they have gathered there from across the country.

“A party with one MLA has disturbed their sleep. Because we follow the path of truth. Because of one MLA, they have gathered there from across the country and are crying for help… The ground is slipping from beneath their feet, and they have gathered out of fear),” said Modi, while addressing a public function at Silvassa, after laying a foundation stone for a medical college.

“Meri saaf niyat aur spasht niti unko khatak rahi hain. Inko takleef hoti hain, inko dikkat hain ke Modi bhrastachar ke khilaf kadi karyavahi kyun karta hain. In satta ke galiyaaro mein ghumne wale bicholiyo ko Modi ne bahar kyun nikal diya. Inhe gussa aa raha hein. Garibo ka adhikar chhinnewale, unki ration ka pension… isko hadapne wale bicholiyo, dalalo ko bahar kyun kar raha hein (They are troubled by my transparent intentions and clear policy… They are troubled that Modi is taking stringent action against corruption… Why did Modi throw out the middlemen who roamed the corridors of power… They are angry. Why have these middlemen, who deprived the poor of their rights, their pension for ration… looted them, been removed),” said Modi.


“Apne gusse ki vajah se yeh log mahagathbandhan banane ki koshish kar rahe hein. Jo pehle Congress ko pani pi pi kar koste the, woh bhi ek manch par aa gaye… Yeh mahagathbandhan sirf Modi ke khilaf hi nahin, desh ki janata ke khilaf hain. Abhi to yeh poori tarah saath aaye bhi nahin, lekin hissedaaree par kaise bhavtal chal raha hein (Because of their anger, they are now trying to form a mahagathbandhan… Those who would earlier abuse the Congress are now sharing a platform with it… This mahagathbandhan is not just against Modi, it is against all the people of the country. They haven’t even come together yet, and they have already started fighting for their share),” he said.

“In logon ki duniya Modi ki nafrat se shuru hoti hain aur Modi ko galiya de kar samapt ho jati hain. Meri duniya, meri subah, 125 crore desh ke logon ka kalyan ke sankalp ke saath shuru hoti hain, aur din bhar pasina baha kar jab raat ko sone jata hu, aaj kitna kaam kiya, iss par laga rehta hu (Their day starts with hating Modi and ends with abusing Modi. My day, my morning starts with working for the welfare of 125 crore people of the country. And, after a hard day’s work, when I go to sleep, I reflect on how much I achieved today),” he said.

“Inki duniya apne bhai, bhatijo ko aage badhane par kendrit hein. Meri duniya 125 crore deshwasiyon ko aagey badhane mein samai hain. Inki duniya mein Bharat ke vikas ke liye vision nahin hein, Bharat ke bhavishya ki baat nahin hein. Wahi meri koshish, Bharat ko 21st century mein duniya ka sarvashreshth desh banana ki hain (Their world revolves around the progress of their brother, nephew. My world revolves around the progress of the country’s 125 crore people. Their world does not have a vision for the development of India, for the future of India… My attempt is to make India the best country in the 21st century),” he said.

“In the morning, I attended a programme in Surat, so that our Indian Army gets stronger with Make-in-India tanks. In the afternoon, I have come here, to Silvassa, to lay the foundation stone of a medical college… This is the difference… Over there, they have all come together on a common platform in Kolkata for a mahagathbandhan to save their parties,” said Modi. “While they will get space in the newspapers and media, they will not find a place in the hearts of the people of India,” he said.

Against the backdrop of the West Bengal government denying permission to BJP to organise yatras in the state, Modi said: “In West Bengal, a political party has been stopped from organising a programme… it has strangled democracy… And they are gathered there, and giving speeches on saving democracy… This fight is between positive thinking and negative thinking, development and corruption, public and mahagathbandhan.”

Attacking the Congress, he said: “The party which ruled the country for decades looked for opportunities for their own

family members… They gave importance to names, while we have focused on work. Today, the names of government schemes are Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana; Modi’s name is not there on any scheme. This shows our intention is development of the public, not family.”

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