‘Frankly speaking they are balloons kids play with, but they are from Pak, we have to be cautious’

An aeroplane-shaped balloon with ‘PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)’ written on it was seized by police near LoC in Poonch district in Jammu division.

A police team with a PIA- marked balloon seized near LoC in Poonch on July 24. (Photo: PTI)

Forces posted at LoC, eyes trained across the border, are on higher alert than ever since a drone made its way to an airbase. This also means keeping a watch on balloons:

When did you first started spotting the balloons?

Aeroplane-shaped balloons started flying into J&K from the Pakistani side nearly an year ago. However, balloons of different sizes have been coming into the Indian side for some time now.

What do you do with them?

We have seized about seven to eight balloons so far. All of them have ‘PIA’ written on them. We seize and destroy them.

Who do you think is behind the balloons?

These are certainly from Pakistan. People fill these balloons with helium gas and release them into the air near the border. When they fall near the border, the locals inform us and we seize them.

What threat can they pose?

Frankly speaking, these are normal balloons with which children play. However, we have to be cautious since they are coming from across the border. We have to make sure that they are not carrying anything suspicious.

What purpose can the balloons serve?

Some handlers from across the border may be trying to create some kind of fear in people living near the border. However, as and when people inform us about them, we swing into action and seize the balloons.

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