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Over 3 lakh more pilgrims visit chardham this season

The rise in the number of pilgrims to visit the chardham this season shows their growing confidence in the reconstruction work carried out by the state government in the area after the devastating floods of 2013.

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Kedarnath temple that withstood the 2013 flash floods sits on an unstable glacial moraine, where usually nothing would survive (PTI Photo)

Over three lakh more pilgrims than last year have visited the chardham so far this season.

Till yesterday, a total of 7,10,271 pilgrims have visited the Himalayan shrines of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri whereas the figure till this period last year was 4,09,016, Garhwal Commissioner Vinod Sharma told PTI.

It means 3,01,255 more pilgrims have undertaken the chardham yatra so far this year, he said. “It shows the growing confidence of people in the reconstruction work carried out by the state government in the area and renewed infrastructural facilities created on the route since the massive devastation caused by the 2013 flash floods,” Sharma said.

Devotees across the country and abroad have kept a close eye on what has been done for their convenience on the
chardham route and they feel more confident now to visit the famed Himalayan shrines, he said.


Uttarakhand had witnessed a devastating natural disaster in the form of torrential rains of unseen magnitude on June 16-17, 2013.

It caused widespread destruction and also led to heavy losses to physical infrastructure, agriculture fields, human
and animal lives and roads.

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