Only BJP, Communist Party have internal democracy: Amit Shah

Only BJP, Communist Party have internal democracy: Amit Shah

"Only BJP and Communist parties practise it, and all the others are dynasties,” BJP president Amit Shah said in Vadodara.

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BJP president Amit Shah pastes a party sticker on the door of a villager’s house at Devaliya in Chhota Udepur on Wednesday as part of the party’s vistarak campaign. Bhupendra Rana

Stressing on internal democracy in political outfits, BJP president Amit Shah on Wednesday said only his and “Communist” parties practise it, and all the others are “dynasties”. He also stressed on “comparative analysis” of political parties, especially those that have been in power — Congress and BJP. He also appealed to the people to “test the parties before handing over reigns of the country”.

He was addressing Prabbudha Nagrik Sammelan (Enlightened Citizens’ Forum), comprising industrialists, members of M S University, elected representatives of BJP and other party workers of the city. Praising “Communist party” for being the only other political outfit in the country that preserved its sense of internal democracy, Shah, in his hour-long address, said, “After the Independence, we chose a multi-party parliamentary democratic system, not according to individuals. If a party’s internal democracy has no identity then it cannot do any good for the country. Of the 1,650 parties in the country, only two have internal democracy — the Communist party and BJP. All the other parties are dynasties.”

To stress on the “comparative analysis” of political parties, pamphlets were distributed among the participants. The pamphlet especially enlisted a study of Congress and BJP regimes based on administration, education, health, agriculture, backward classes, tribals, women empowerment, poor, corruption, national pride and so on. It enlisted hooliganism, mafia rule, arms trafficking, communal discord and curfews as major issued during the Congress administration, credited BJP with bringing peace, safety and prosperity along with communal harmony to make India curfew-free. Transparency and accountability were other virtues credited to the BJP rule, while the Congress was accused of corruption and scams.