Modi in Karnataka Highlights: As long as there is Congress govt, the state cannot progress, says PM

PM Modi in Karnataka LIVE UPDATES: This is PM Modi's second visit to the poll-bound state in a fortnight. The Assembly elections in Karnataka are due in late April or early May.

Hassan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi being felicitated by a saint as he arrives at Bahubali Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava at Shravanabelagola in Hassan on Monday. (Source:PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday made his second visit to the poll-bound state of Karnataka to take part in Mahamastakabhishek celebrations at Shravanabelagola in Hassan district. Addressing the gathering, the prime minister said that saints and seers from India have always served society and made a positive difference. “The strength of our society is that we have always changed with the times and adapted well to new contexts,” added Modi.

Later in the day, the Prime Minister also commissioned the electrified Mysuru-Bengaluru railway line and flagged off the Palace Queen Humsafar Express train from Mysuru to Udaipur in Rajasthan. As poll season heats up in the state, the PM addressed a rally in Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s home district of Mysuru in the evening. BJP president Amit Shah is also on a three-day visit to the state.

PM Modi in Karnataka Highlights: 

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    19 Feb, 18
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  2. 5:08PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Modi urges to form BJP govt in Karnataka

    PM urges people to form a mission-driven government in Karnataka and create a chain of people by inspiring others to vote for BJP in the election: Modi concludes speech.

  3. 5:07PM
    19 Feb, 18
    'Congress acts as bump'

    PM Modi says BJP government wants to take the state forward, Congress government throughout country works as a bump and hinders the speed of development. for BJP government the 120 crore people is its family. 

  4. 5:04PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Modi slams Congress

    Post-independence your party had ruled for 70-80% of the time. You are demanding things & facilities today. If you really feel about those things why didn't you do something when you were in power for 50 years: Modi in Mysuru

  5. 5:01PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Modi demands answers from Congress

    For over fifty years, it was only one party that ruled the country. What is the reason that about 4 crore homes still lack power supply? Why have they not ensured their well-being for all these years, asks Modi.

    They will have to answer, what are the reasons that these families are living in bad conditions with no power connection living in the dark. 

  6. 4:58PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Housing for all

    The government aims housing for all by 2025,  says PM Modi in Mysuru. But Karnataka government is not working even after we are sending funds from centre. Modi says the Karnataka government is derailing the projects and standing as a wall.

  7. 4:55PM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM Modi praises Mudra scheme

    PM Modi says under PM Mudra Scheme are self-dependent and employed, which was not a case during the previous government. 

  8. 4:53PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Modi hits out at Congress

    Karnataka aspires for speedy development which the Congress government can never fulfill. What they care for is only power, not aspirations of people.

  9. 4:52PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Modi in Mysuru

    Funds issued by centre could not be used by the state government, their only interest is to keep Delhi happy. No state can function like this and they do not care about the people of Karnataka. 

  10. 4:51PM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM targets CM Siddaramiah

    Without naming CM Siddaramiah, PM says people who have gone from Mysuru are now a blot on the district and they forgot everything as they reached Bengaluru and are taking Karnataka towards destruction: Modi in Mysuru

  11. 4:48PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Govt of Commission or Mission?

    As long as there is Congress government in Karnataka, the state cannot progress. I can understand the anger in people of Karnataka and the youth is not ready to be cheated: Modi in Mysuru

    Do you want a government of commission or government of mission, asks PM Modi to loud cheers of Mission. 

  12. 4:45PM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM to Congress

    The party which did nothing for 50 years, Modi asks, can they keep promising it again and again? to loud cheers of No from Public. 

    Today, there is a govt which is working and trying to make promises a reality. The people ruling Karnataka are not concerned about the people but only about power. 

  13. 4:41PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Modi targets state govt

    The longer Congress government stays in power, the longer they will degrade Karnataka: Modi in Mysuru

  14. 4:39PM
    19 Feb, 18
    New world class satellite railway station

    PM Modi announces world-class satellite railway station near Mysuru with a budget of Rs 800 crore. The installation will be multi-storied and will share the burden of Mysuru railway station, along with increasing the frequency of new trains in the regions. 

  15. 4:37PM
    19 Feb, 18
    New road infrastructure for Mysuru

    PM Modi announces an expansion of Bengaluru-Mysuru National Highway with an estimated cost of Rs 6400 crore. The project will expand the 117 km long stretch of NH to six lanes.

  16. 4:35PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Connectivity to boost employment

    PM Modi expresses connectivity will increase tourism which will create new avenues of development and employment for the people. The Palace Queen will connect four states and will lead to economic development of those areas: Modi in Mysuru

  17. 4:33PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Connectivity vital for development

    Creating a railway system which is modern and technologically advanced is vital. We are strengthening the railway networks across the country. Karnataka too is benefiting from it: Modi in Mysuru

  18. 4:31PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Modi targets UPA govt

    Previous government ignored the work, as there was no one to question them. More than 1500 projects were announced but they were not materialised, says Modi in Mysuru. 

  19. 4:29PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Double the work in Karnataka under NDA

    PM Modi talks about the achievements of the railway ministry under the NDA government. Earlier the PM inaugurated a newly laid electric line between Mysuru and Bengaluru. Modi said in Karnataka there is a need for doubling the railway line, electrification of those lines and two to three times work has been done in various sectors in Karnataka. 

  20. 4:24PM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM Modi addresses rally in Mysuru

    The Prime Minister is addressing a public rally in Mysuru, his second in a fortnight in the state.

  21. 3:57PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Watch PM Modi flag off Palace Queen Humsafar Express

  22. 3:46PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Electric train service begins

    As PM Modi flags off the Humsafar Express, the electric train will connect Karnataka to Rajasthan, opening a new avenue of connectivity in the state. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal joins PM Modi in waving the green flag at Mysuru. CM Siddaramiah is also present with PM Modi as protocol demands. 

  23. 3:44PM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM Modi flags off Humsafar Express

    PM Modi flags off the  Palace Queen Humsafar Express which connects Mysuru to Udaipur in Rajasthan. 

  24. 3:40PM
    19 Feb, 18
    What is Shravanabelagola?

    Shravanabelagola has two hills, Chandragiri and Vindyagiri. Gommateshwara Statue, the 57-foot (17 m) high monolithic statue, is located on the Vindyagiri Hill. READ HERE 

  25. 3:21PM
    19 Feb, 18
    First PM visit in 25 years

    This is the first visit of a Prime Minister to Shravanbelagola in 25 years. The Jain festival of Mahamastakabhisheka happens once in 12 years.

  26. 3:05PM
    19 Feb, 18
    CM Siddaramaiah in Mysore

    While PM Modi is on a day-long visit to Mysuru, CM Siddaramaiah is also in his home district and met people in the morning. 

  27. 2:44PM
    19 Feb, 18

    PM Narendra Modi speaks at the Bahubali Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka.

  28. 2:41PM
    19 Feb, 18

    Stressing the importance of healthcare, PM Modi said, "It is our duty to provide good quality and affordable healthcare to the poor."

  29. 2:40PM
    19 Feb, 18

    Our Saints and seers have always served society & made a positive difference. The strength of our society is that we have always changed with the times and adapted well to new situations, PM Modi said.

  30. 2:39PM
    19 Feb, 18
    Bahubali Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava

    Saints and seers from our land have always served society and made a positive difference,  PM Modi said at the Jain festival in  Shravanabelagola, Karnataka.

  31. 2:36PM
    19 Feb, 18

    PM Modi began his address at the Bahubali Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava

  32. 2:02PM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM Modi arrives in Shravanabelagola

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Shravanabelagola for the Bahubali Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsav.

  33. 11:21AM
    19 Feb, 18

    Disruptive technologies such as Block-chain and the Internet of Things, will have a profound impact on the way we live and work. They will require rapid adaptation in our workplaces: PM Modi added while referring to the Hyperloop initiative started in Mumbai. Digital technology and innovations are at the heart of businesses today and they should be embedded in the way we undertake the operations, he added. 

  34. 11:19AM
    19 Feb, 18

    Digital India is no longer a govt's initiative, but a way of life in the country today. This is possible because of the people in India. We have come a long way with the convergence of Make In India & Digital India: PM Modi. We have also launched Skill mission in the country to train the workforce and equip them with the upgrading technology in the world today. 

  35. 11:17AM
    19 Feb, 18

    "Leveraging technology in such a holistic manner was unthinkable some years ago. We have successfully completed this life-cycle in the last 3 and a half years," PM Modi added. "This has been possible through a change in public behaviour and processes."

  36. 11:16AM
    19 Feb, 18

    India is now a hot-spot of digital innovations. With the digital infrastructure available in India, there is digital empowerment in the country. Earlier there were only two major mobile manufacturers in India in 2014. Now we have above 140 manufacturers operating in the country: PM Modi

  37. 11:14AM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM Modi talks about importance of technology

    The concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the world is one family”, is deeply imbibed in Indian philosophy, PM Modi said, adding that technology is essential in the coming century. ". A world where geographical distance no longer remains a barrier in collaborating for a better future."

  38. 11:13AM
    19 Feb, 18
    PM Modi addresses the World Congress on Information Technology

    Prime Minister Modi is addressing the crowd at the World Congress on Information Technology in Hyderabad via video conferencing. "I am happy to inaugurate the World Congress on Information Technology. This event is being held in India for the first time. I am sure, it shall be of mutual benefit to investors, innovators, think-tanks and other stakeholders from across the world," Modi said. 

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    19 Feb, 18