PM Modi in Bengaluru Highlights: ‘Congress countdown has begun, BJP govt not far away in Karnataka’

PM Modi in Bengaluru LIVE UPDATES: PM Modi targeted the Congress government and said that their exit is nearing while BJP is not far away. Ina direct attack PM said the Congress government under Siddaramaiah is about 'ease of murder.'

Gujarat assembly election 2017 results: Seat where Modi made 'Pak' hand claim remains with Congress Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a BJP rally in Bengaluru to mark the culmination of the party’s 90-day Nava Nirman Parivarthan yatra. (file photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressesing a rally in Bengaluru on Sunday, targetted the state government on corruption and said that Siddaramaiah government is recognised as 10 per cent government. The Prime Minister was addressing the culmination of the BJP’s 90-day Nava Nirman Parivarthan yatra in the poll-bound state of Karnataka.

With pro-Kannada groups calling off the bandh over the Mahadayi river dispute with Goa, a huge crowd gathered to hear the prime minister at the rally. The Prime Minister taking pot shots at the Congress government said they are at the countdown of Congress has begun and the BJP is not far away in the state.

PM Modi in Bengaluru Highlights

  1. 5:48PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi concludes speech

    PM Modi concludes speech at the BJP Parivartan Rally as he thanks the people for completing the 85-day long rally. Modi said this is new Karnataka and the people will take the state to a new height. 

  2. 5:47PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Congress obstructing triple talaq

    Congress is about appeasement and vote bank politics. We introduced a bill in Parliament to end triple talaq but Congress is obstructing it for their political gains. 

  3. 5:43PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Congress not serious on healthcare

    PM Modi said the Congress government in the state is not serious about its citizen's healthcare and spend the least among all southern states on health care. Meanwhile, under Ayushman Bharat launched by NDA govt, every family will be given an insurance of Rs 5 lakh.

  4. 5:39PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Corruption in Karnataka govt

    There are serious allegations of corruption against Congress leaders. Reports are coming about them demanding commission in several projects. I have been told that Karnataka govt is being recognised as 10 per cent government as no work is possible without 10 per cent commission.

  5. 5:36PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Modi lauds Rahul Dravid

    PM Modi lauds Rahul Dravid, a local boy from Bengaluru, on his dedication to the game and winning the u-19 World Cup.  Modi said, our U19 Cricket Team won World Cup yesterday. Their head coach Rahul Dravid was a significant factor behind this victory and this can't be denied. He teaches us to work honestly and live for others.

  6. 5:30PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Ease of doing business

    Our government along with ease of doing also talks about ease of living. But until Congress government is in the state they discuss ease of doing murder. People opposing the Congress government are fearing their lives. 

  7. 5:28PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Job seekers to job creators

    When facilities are provided to villages, migration to cities will go down and the mounting pressure on cities will be released. Youth today is not a job seeker, they are job creators. 

  8. 5:27PM
    04 Feb, 18
    If Yeddyurappa becomes the CM

    In this budget, govt has made a significant decision so that correct price of crops is given to farmers. If Yeddyurappa, son of a farmer, becomes CM of Karnataka, the projects for farmers will work at its best because Yeddyurappa has farmer's best interest at heart: PM Modi

  9. 5:25PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Modi flays Congress

    Modi to a loud reaction of 'no' asks has the Congress government shown any sensitivity towards the problems and issues of farmers in the state?

  10. 5:24PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Electrification of Karnataka

    There will be chaos in Bengaluru if it doesn't get electricity for a day. However, there are 7 lakhs homes in Karnataka & 4 crores homes in the nation which lives in dark even after so many years of independence

  11. 5:23PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Modi on Budget 2018

    The recent budget has solved one problem of Karnataka. with an investment of 17,000 crores, construction work of 160 km long sub-urban railway network will be started in Bengaluru. 15 lakhs commuters of the city will be benefited by it

  12. 5:23PM
    04 Feb, 18
    TOP priority

    Framers producing fruits & vegetables are our 'TOP' priority. 'TOP' means 'Tomato, Onion & Potato'. We have launched 'Operation green' in interest of these farmers. 'Operation green' would be beneficial for farmers just like the Amul model was successful in dairy.

  13. 5:21PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi promises infrastructure

    The government has set a goal to build more than 9,000 km long National Highway across the nation this year. Under Bharatmala Pariyojana, 35,000 km of roads will be constructed with an investment of Rs 5,25,000: PM Modi

  14. 5:20PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Early promises for farmers

    Rs 1 lakh crore for irrigational purposes to be allocated to farmers, PM Modi hints at the initial BJP pitch for Karnataka state election under Yeddyurappa. 

  15. 5:15PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Reform, Perform, Transform

    Under Udaan we have planned to construct 56 new airports and 31 new helipads and I have a dream to make air travel cheaper for everyone. Our govt is about reform, perform and transform: Modi

  16. 5:14PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Creating new jobs

    Under our govt in just 3.5 years we have laid 200 km long railway lines and doubled them all in Karnataka, these projects have given new employment opportunities to the local people, says PM.

  17. 5:12PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Centre investing in Karnataka

    Only in Karnataka, 44 projects worth Rs 82,000 crore are underway initiated by the centre. 33 of which are based on infrastructure, it shows that we are giving importance to next-generation infrastructure: Modi

  18. 5:10PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Modi disses Congress

    There is no positive change in Karnataka. Dissing Congress, PM said the Congress govt has done nothing for the people and have their own interest over the country. PM Modi says Congress CM in the state did business. We gave Rs 2 lakh crore to state government a hike of 180 per cent from UPA's tenure. 

  19. 5:08PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Modi disses Congress in Bengaluru

    Targetting Congress PM Modi says some people have their own interest over the country's interest. And the Congress has run a govt and CM has done business in the state. There is no benefit given to the people from the funds issued to the state by the centre. Modi said Karnataka got more than Rs 2 lakh crore in NDA govt. 

  20. 5:04PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi on his govt's initiative

    PM Modi talks about the schemes launched for the people by his government. Mentions Ujjwala Yojana which gave free LPG connection to 8.5 lakh women in the state.

  21. 5:03PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi talks about his govt

    PM Modi talks about the schemes launched for the people by his government. Mentions Ujjwala Yojana which gave free LPG connection to 8.5 lakh women in the state.

  22. 4:59PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Congress on exit gate

    PM Modi says the countdown of withdrawal of Congress govt has begun. Modi said Congress government is on exit gate. Modi said BJP government is not far away.

  23. 4:57PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi thrills crowd

    PM Modi says the entire country is watching. To a huge cheer from crowd, he adds never seen such scenes in Karnataka.

  24. 4:54PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Yeddyurappa 'centre of hope'

    PM Modi addresses Yeddyurappa as the Karnataka's 'centre of hope'

  25. 4:52PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi in Bengaluru

    PM Modi greets Bengaluru in local dialect to a massive cheer from the crowd.

  26. 4:50PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi begins speech

    PM Modi begins his speech at the closing event of BJP's Parivartan Yatra. 

  27. 4:49PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Yeddyurappa targets Siddaramaiah

    BS Yeddyurappa targetted Siddaramaiah on his demand from PM Modi to resolve the Madayi dispute. Yeddyurappa tweeted,  Yes. Karnataka indeed has scripted several firsts - No.1 Corrupt State, 3,500 farmer suicides, the collapse of law & order, mysterious deaths of officers, transfers of honest officials, crumbling infra of Bengaluru.'

  28. 4:37PM
    04 Feb, 18
    B S Yeddyurappa welcomes PM Modi

    Former Karnataka CM, state BJP President B S Yeddyurappa welcomed the PM at the closing event and honoured the Prime Minister.

  29. 4:26PM
    04 Feb, 18

    PM Modi is joined by his cabinet minister Prakash Javadekar and other senior party leaders at the venue. 

  30. 4:21PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi to address the crowd shortly

    PM Modi has reached Bengaluru and will shortly address the culmination of  90-day Nava Nirman Parivarthan yatra by BJP. 

  31. 4:19PM
    04 Feb, 18
    CM Siddaramaiah welcomes PM Modi i n bengaluru

    Welcoming PM Modi in Bengaluru, CM Siddaramaiah urged the Prime Minister to look into the problems being faced by the people and resolve the Mahadayi dispute.

  32. 4:12PM
    04 Feb, 18
    Bengaluru geared up for PM Modi

    A massive crowd is being seen at the rally where PM Modi will speak shortly. The state is getting into the mood of election season and PM Modi's rally is likely to be the first such rally of this electoral year in the state. 

  33. 4:06PM
    04 Feb, 18
    PM Modi delighted to speak in Karnataka

    Ahead of his speech in Karnataka, PM Modi tweeted, "Today I will address a rally in Bengaluru. I am delighted to have this opportunity to interact with the wonderful people of Karnataka."

  34. 4:01PM
    04 Feb, 18
    High stakes in Karnataka

    BJP is vying for power in the Congress-ruled state, as electoral season sets in on the state the party has intensified its campaign. PM Modi who has been BJP's flag bearer in numerous state elections over the years is likely to make all efforts to seal a BJP victory. 

  35. 2:41PM
    04 Feb, 18

    The Karnataka High Court had suspended the bandh called by pro-Kannada farmers' groups on Sunday over the Mahadayi water dispute issue. The bench observed that the bandh calls given by Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha on January 25 and February 4 "violates the democratic rights of citizens". The bandh was called to protest the "inaction" by the central and state governments to resolve the Mahadayi river water sharing row.

  36. 2:35PM
    04 Feb, 18
    What is the Mahadayi river dispute?

    Karnataka and Goa, the riparian states of the Mahadeyi river (known as Mandovi in Goa), are locked in a bitter battle over sharing of the river water, which originates in Belagavi in the southern state. The dispute is also around the amount of water that Goa receives. Karnataka claims that the surplus from Mahadayi drains into the sea and that it should be diverted into the deficit basin in Malaprabha to meet the state’s drinking, irrigation, agriculture and power generation needs. Goa has, meanwhile, denied Karnataka’s claims saying it is a water deficient state and limiting the water supply would adversely impact its agriculture production. Read more

  37. 2:20PM
    04 Feb, 18
  38. 2:20PM
    04 Feb, 18
    War of words between BJP and Congress

    Ahead of PM's rally in the state, both BJP and Congress are taking jibes against each other. While Congress leader and Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramiah extended welcome to the Prime Minister to 'Namma Karnataka - the no. 1 state in investments, innovation & progressive policies,' BJP state unit Chief Yeddyurappa attacked the party by calling Karnataka 'No.1 corrupt state.'