MLA Inderbir Singh Bolaria interview: ‘MLAs should not feel threatened by appointment of advisers’

MLA Inderbir Singh Bolaria interview: ‘MLAs should not feel threatened by appointment of advisers’

With a political storm raging over the appointment of political advisers to the Punjab CM recently, The Indian Express spoke to one among them, Amritsar (South) MLA Inderbir Singh Bolaria, about the how will the position, which comes with a Cabinet rank, prove productive.

‘MLAs should not feel threatened by appointment of advisers’
Amritsar (South) MLA Inderbir Singh Bolaria

What is going to be your role?

Four of us are now political advisers. I have been given charge of Majha. Kushaldeep Singh Dhillon and Amarinder Singh Raja Waring have been handed over job of Malwa. Malwa is divided into Malwa-One and Malwa-Two. Sangat Singh Gilzian will look after Doaba and other two, Kuljeet Singh Nagra and Tarsem Singh DC, will be adviser (planning) to CM.

How will you perform your duties?

As political adviser, I will be providing political inputs from the region. Majha has four district and around 23 seats. I will cover all these areas. We will work out what kind of political problems are being faced by our workers and focus on coordination with (Congress) MLAs. We will detect the problems and then make CM aware about it. The CM is ‘all in all’ and he will make decisions on our inputs.

How will this work?

Series of meetings have been held to plan this. The CM will direct us how to do this. One idea is that we can setup an office at one place in our respective region and then workers can come there with their issues. Second option is that we can go to the field and meet them. It is all matter of discussion. It will be finalised in a week or ten days. All the political advisers will get offices in Chandigarh secretariat also. The CM will take a call on final plan in consultation with all the senior political leaders.


There is an impression that officials and Congress workers lack synchronisation?

We will try to establish this synchronisation. We will look after such issues.

Don’t you think that other Congress MLAs will feel threatened as you will approach workers in their constituency ?

This excercise is not make anyone feel threatened. This excercise is to boost the confidence of the MLAs.

Will you keep the MLAs in loop?

One hundred per cent. It is obvious that sometimes there is resentment among leaders within a constituency. We will report such resentments to the CM. But basic purpose of this excercise is to coordinate better between the MLAs and other party leaders working at grassroot level. When you do it in an appropriate manner then I don’t think any MLA will become unreasonable over accommodating other party leaders. Even some leaders have been given plump posts in state from my own constituency. We need to accommodate leaders. If I am an MLA it doesn’t mean nothing can happen without my approval. This is not right way to go about things. If some people are accommodated from my constituency then I welcome it. Everybody should have opportunity to grow in the party.

Do you expect same from others while working as advisers?

This is what I think. Nobody should have any problem with this. By appointing political advisers, the CM has given us a big responsibility. We have to prepare for elections due in next two years so that policies of government reach people on the ground and we get feedback.

Do you think people are unhappy with your government’s handling of the sacrilege issue? over this issue ?

That issue is being looked after by CM himself. Issue was also discussed during our meetings. We are very hopeful that there would be some constructive output. It may consume some time. But CM knows about our stand on the issue. He has made a big promise. And I really believe that Punjab CM will do the needful.

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