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Mann ki Baat: PM Modi says G20 delegates are future tourists, urges Indians to ‘join’ event

PM Modi said he received a woven flag with the G20 logo from a weaver in Telangana, Yeldhi Hariprasad, as well as letters from many people expressing their sense of pride at India hosting the summit in 2023.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo: PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made a pitch for the entire country to “join the G20 in one way or the other”, saying India’s presidency of the group for 2023 was a big opportunity. He also reminded citizens that the G20 delegates are “tourists of the future”. In his Mann Ki Baat radio address, PM Modi said India would be taking over the presidency of G20, which comprises two-thirds of the world’s population and 85 per cent of its GDP, on December 1.

“You can imagine – India is going to preside over such a big group, such a powerful group, three days from now i.e. from December 1. What a great opportunity has come for India, for every Indian… We have to make full use of this opportunity and focus on global good, world welfare. Whether it is peace or unity, sensitivity towards the environment, or sustainable development, India has solutions to challenges related to these. The theme that we have given ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ shows our commitment to Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi added that he had received a woven flag with the G20 logo from a weaver in Telangana, Yeldhi Hariprasad, as well as letters from “many people” expressing their sense of pride at India hosting the G20 Summit in 2023.

“During this period, people from different parts of the world will get a chance to visit your states. I am sure that you will bring the diverse and distinctive colours of your culture to the world and you also have to remember that the people coming to the G-20, even if they come now as delegates, are tourists of the future. I urge all of you, especially my young friends, on one more thing. Like Hariprasad Garu, you too must join the G20 in one way or the other. The Indian logo of G20 can be made, can be printed, in a very cool way, in a stylish way, on clothes,” the Prime Minister said.

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PM Modi also spoke of the launch of the Vikram-S rocket on November 18, marking the first such launch by the Indian private sector. This, he said, also marked the dawn of a new era for the private space sector in the country. He added that drones were being used in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh to transport apples to remote areas.

Switching gears from technology, the Prime Minister remarked that the export of musical instruments had increased by three-and-a-half times over the past eight years. The United States, Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom were the biggest buyers of musical instruments from India, he said. He also played a recording of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite bhajan, Vaishnava Jan To, sung by Greek singer Konstantinos Kalaitzis.

First published on: 27-11-2022 at 10:13 IST
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