Mann Ki Baat Highlights: 2018 a great year for India, says PM Modi

Mann Ki Baat Highlights: 2018 a great year for India, says PM Modi

Mann Ki Baat Highlights: The Prime Minister today will be at Port Blair to commemorate the 75th anniversay of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose led Azad Hind Sarkar.

Mann Ki Baat Highlights: PM Modi’s Mann ki Baat will begin at 11 am.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in the 51st edition of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ Sunday which was aired at 11 am. The PM’s speech was broadcast on All India Radio and Doordarshan as well as on YouTube channels of the Prime Minister’s Office, information and broadcasting ministry and

In his address, today which marked the last episode of the year, PM Modi spoke about how spreading negativity is fairly easier, and hence urged people to come together to make positivity viral. He said that only collective efforts of the people have ensured that India achieved a lot in 2018. He also said the if people’s resolve is strong, hardships fail to turn into obstacles. “I sincerely hope that India’s journey on the path of advancement & progress continues through 2019 too. Taking her to newer heights with her inner strengths.”

He noted that the year 2018 saw the launching of the world’s biggest health insurance scheme ‘Ayushman Bharat’ and also lauded efforts put in by people to make healthcare and sanitation driven campaigns a huge success in the country. Announcing the Sardar Patel award, PM Modi said that it would be given to anyone who showcases unity and integrity in their work. PM Modi also delved upon different festivals to be celebrated next month, especially celebrating Kumbh mela, marking the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Republic Day.

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PM Modi's Mann ki Baat will be his last radio address this year. Read the Highlights here.

Read the full text of PM Modi's 51st edition 'Mann ki baat'

Read the full text of PM Modi's 51st edition of his monthly radio programme 'Mann ki baat' where he spoke about Sardar Patel award, festivals and lauds different campaigns initiated in various parts of the country. 

'Mann ki Baat' touched hearts of people: UP CM Yogi Adityanath on PM Modi's monthly radio programme

PM Modi paid his tribute to Guru Gobind Singh whose Jayanti will be held on January 13

PM Modi also paid his tribute to Guru Gobind Singh whose Jayanti will be held on January 13 and spoke about his work- the impact of which can be seen across different parts in India.

PM Modi announced the launch of Sardar Patel Award

PM Modi announced the launch of Sardar Patel Award for national integration which will be awarded to those who will have contributed to national unity and integrity in any form.

2019 marks the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

As 2019 marks the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, PM Modi remembered the noble works of the leader as well as Nelson Mandela.

Kumbh Mela was awarded the tag 'Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity' in 2018: PM Modi

FSSAI to initiate the 'Eat Right India' health campaign soon

On the occasion of Gandhi's 150th anniversary, FSSAI will ensure safe and healthy habits through 'Eat Right India' campaign in order to ensure food safety and to regulate healthy habits among people. FSSAI is doing the work of ensuring people's health and reiterating the importance of this, PM Modi asked people to partake in the campaign to ensure good health. 

PM Modi says India's festivals are an example of 'Unity in Diversity'

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to be chief guest for Republic Day celebrations in 2019: PM Modi

PM Modi spoke about various upcoming festivals in January such as Vishu, Pongal,  Lohri, Sankranti, Uttarayan, Magh Bihu and described the importance of all these festivals. He even described the importance of Kumbh Mela which will be held in Prayagraj in 2019 and he lauded the efforts put in by Uttar Pradesh government to make the event happen and invited Indians from different parts of the country to be a part of the mela. Speaking about the importance of the day that the constitution was instituted, PM Modi announced that South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will be the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations on January 26.

PM Modi congratulated sportspersons Rajini, Vedangi Kulkarni for their success

"The 16-year-Rajni won the gold medal in Junior women's boxing Championship. Pune's 20-year-old Vedagi Kulkarni has become the fastest Asian in the World with a tour," says PM Modi.

PM Modi talks about positive websites, asks people to share inspiring stories

PM Modi speaks about different websites which write on social stories that include social entrepreneurship and other positive stories. He referred to websites such as,, and and asked people to share such positive stories in an effort to initiate positive discussions among people. Asking people to diffuse negativity, he recognised the good efforts that are driven to spread positivity around.

PM Modi encourages the free medical camps set up in Bjinor by young doctors

PM Modi begins speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins this episode of 'Mann Ki Baat ' by paying tribute to those who have contributed to society and lost their lives in the past month.  He speaks about Dr Jayachandran from Tamil Nadu and Sulagitti Naras from Karnataka for their work. He also spoke about upcoming sportspersons from different parts of the country and congratulated them for their efforts and success.

Talking about healthcare and sanitation campaigns, PM Modi also encouraged doctors in Madhya Pradesh's Bijnor district for setting up free medical camps in the state. He spoke of how the cleanliness campaign 'Swacchh Bharat' mission has become successful as 3 lakh people gathered to participate in a cleanliness drive. 

Uttarakhand: Radios distributed among BJP workers in Dehradun

In Uttarakhand, ahead of today's 'Mann ki baat' last episode of 2018, radios were distributed in Dehradun yesterday so that they could listen to the PM Modi's monthly programme.

Residents of Odisha and Assam share their thoughts on the monthly programme

The 51st episode and the last edition for 2018 of Mann ki Baat will air at 11 am

Responding to a question in the previous edition on why he had chosen radio over other means of social media and mobile apps, PM Modi said, “In terms of the reach & depth of communication, radio has been incomparable. I have been nursing that feeling ever since, acknowledging its power & strength. Hence when I became the Prime Minister, it was natural for me to turn towards a strong, effective medium.”

Reiterating on why he began the monthly programme, he said, “From remote villages to Metro cities, from farmers to young professionals … the array just prompted me to embark upon this journey of ‘Mann Ki Baat’.”