Congress lashes out at PM Modi for taking a dig at Manmohan Singh

Congress lashes out at PM Modi for taking a dig at Manmohan Singh

"No prime minister in past made such comments about a former PM," said senior Congress leader P Chidambaram.

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Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. (File Photo)

The Congress party on Wednesday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his attack on Manmohan Singh during his reply to Motion of Thanks in Rajya Sabha. Defending demonetisation as a fight against corruption, Modi took a dig at Singh saying “For almost 35 years, Manmohan Singh ji had a lot of influence on country’s economic policies. There was not a single corruption charge against him, that too during the most corrupt government. The art of taking bath wearing a raincoat can be learnt only from Manmohan Singh.”

The angry Congress members staged a walk out after Modi’s remark that upset the prime minister. “How long will you not accept the defeat, said Modi on uproar by Congress members.

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Though Manmohan Singh refused to speak on the issue when approached by the media, his party colleagues slammed the prime minister. “Walked out as protest, such harsh and ugly comments are not acceptable. No prime minister in past made such comments about a former PM,” said senior Congress leader P Chidambaram.


“I condemn his (Modi) statement in strongest words. I don’t have words for him,” said Ahmed Patel. Accusing Modi of “arrogance”, another Congress leader, Kapil Sibal, said that the Prime Minister has “insulted” the House with his remarks and he must apologise. “This is an insult of the House…we have never seen such arrogance. The Prime Minister should think that there is a stature to the post he holds and he does not know what words should be used…We will not tolerate this. We condemn the Prime Minister’s remarks. He should apologise to the House for this,” he said.

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Targeting Modi, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said, “He is behaving in an arrogant and insulting manner against the opposition. He also insulted the former late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He has dragged the debate to the lowest level.”

Earlier, Modi also said his government’s war against corruption and black money was not a political fight and said it was meant to empower honest people. “There is no denying that corruption has spread its roots in the society. The biggest sufferers of this parallel economy are the poor whose rights are snatched and the middle class,” Modi said.

“How long will we continue to brush things under the carpet and move on? There is no reason to believe this a political fight or to create problems for any political party,” he said.

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Defending his November 8 decision to demonetise Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, Modi said the step was to empower the honest. “Honest forces will not be empowered unless harsh steps are taken against the dishonest. The ultimate beneficiaries of these steps will be the poor. These steps will empower the honest