Malaria Mukt Amdavad 2022: Campaign kicks off today with checks and fines

The campaign will start with an aggressive attempt to wipe out mosquito-breeding sites in Ahmedabad.

Written by PREETI DAS | Gandhinagar | Published: May 24, 2017 5:50:32 am

If you have stored buckets of water in your house as most tanks run dry in summer or have not bothered to check whether water has accumulated in vase, under the fridge or on the terrace after the recent spell of rain, you could face a fine of Rs 5,000.
As part of its campaign to make Gujarat free of malaria by 2022 — Malaria Mukt Amdavad 2022 (MMA) that formally begins from Wednesday — state health authorities plan to conduct checks at 15.40 lakh “units” that include houses, offices, schools, malls, theatres, restaurants etc.

The checks will be carried out by 1,650 health workers and continue for the next 16 days. Based on the findings and feedback, officials said, changes will be made in the MMA campaign.

“This is the first round of the larger campaign. We call it the micro plan. We have authorised our representatives to fine people, if needed. We have trained government employees, people from NGOs and private sectors to help work for ‘jan jagruti’,” said Vijay Kohli, entomologist at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

According to Kohli, the campaign will start with an aggressive attempt to wipe out mosquito-breeding sites in Ahmedabad. This will be followed by awareness about diagnosis and care.

“This is our war against malaria. If we manage to eliminate the breeding sites, then we will also see the end of dengue and chikungunya,” J P Gupta, Commissioner of Health said.

According to Indian Institute of Public Health Director Dileep Mavlankar, the campaign can achieve its targets if there is an active participation from the entire community. “Fines and imposing rules generally do not work. It is important that the campaign stresses on the awareness aspects.”

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