Make use of me for betterment of Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan tells supporters

Make use of me for betterment of Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan tells supporters

Kamal Haasan had confirmed earlier this month that Makkal Needhi Maiam would contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections alone.

Make use of me for betterment of Tamil Nadu: Kamal Haasan tells supporters

Celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of his political party, Makkal Needhi Maiam, actor-turned politician Kamal Haasan appealed the people of Tamil Nadu to ‘make use him for the betterment’ of the state. Addressing cadres at the party headquarters in Chennai on Thursday, Haasan said, “I am standing in front of you as a small tool. You have a great opportunity to use this tool for the betterment of Tamil Nadu, tomorrow is ours.”

Speaking on the occasion, Haasan said: ”We are a year old. My wish has become a reality now; our party is spread across Tamil Nadu. We have a lot to do and we have a very short time. Our flag is hoisted in every part of the state now; you know where our flag should be placed next.”

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Kamal Haasan, who confirmed earlier this month that he is very keen on keeping his hands clean and ‘would not form an alliance with parties which would leave a stain during a handshake’, said his alliance is with the people and not with other parties. “I said we will contest alone. The ‘we’ includes ‘you’ (people). So there is no question of me contesting alone in the upcoming elections. People have chosen me to represent them, I have been blessed by them to bring a change,“ Haasan said.

“Earlier some people said they don’t understand what I speak. It’s just that they don’t want to understand. Now they started to understand whatever I say because I have increased Shruthi (pitch) a bit more now. It will be even louder with absolute transparency in the upcoming days,” the MNM chief added.

Haasan, who has been a staunch critic of all the political parties in Tamil Nadu, said, “The political parties say there is no corruption here in Tamil Nadu but they don’t know the world is watching them, they are watching Tamil Nadu and its corruption and they will give a befitting reply to all these parties.”


Several MNM party cadres were present at the gathering. “Our leader is the only option to bring a change in Tamil Nadu. He has come to politics for the betterment of people and not for any personal gains,” said Murugadoss, a party secretary from Virugambakkam. Sixty-year-year-old Jhansi, another party supporter, said, “I have been following our leader from his film days. He did many good things on the screen and now he will do it off-screen. He will be the next CM of Tamil Nadu.”

As part of the anniversary celebrations, the 64-year-old will be taking part in a rally in Thiruvarur later today.