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BJP reverts to ‘shatpratishat’ mantra ahead of local bodies elections

Danve is determined to strengthen the organisational base to enable them to on all seats in the next elections.

The state BJP president Raosaheb Danve on Thursday reasserted the unaccomplished agenda of “shatpratishat” (100 per cent BJP) in the coming days. Not withstanding alliance with Shiv Sena in government, BJP president is determined to strengthen the organisational base to enable them to contest all 288 assembly seats in the next elections.

The all India BJP president Amit Shah has already conveyed the expansion mantra to the state leaders with a strict warning that there cannot be any compromise on delivery. As a result, Danve who takes the charge of the party in peace time (since elections are scheduled 2019) reckons that five years is not a long period as there are atleast 10,000 to 15,000 villages where BJP has no presence. Or out of 288 assembly segments there are 166 constituencies where party has failed. In 2014 assembly elections the BJP won 122 seats.

Danve said, “The Shiv Sena and BJP are in alliance in government in state. But my task is to consolidate the gains for the party. In the coming days my effort would be to reach the BJP in every village across Maharashtra.” He also ruled out the possibility of alliance between BJP and Sena in the local bodies elections beginning March 2015.

He explained, “In the local bodies elections every party has been contesting on its own. However, if there is a demand from the district or local leaders for the alliance it would be considered. The condition would be to confine the alliance only between Sena and BJP.” He categorically ruled out any possibility of alliance at local bodies with Congress and NCP.

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“I am very clear that Congress and NCP are our rivals. The BJP will not enter into any alliance for the local bodies elections with the Congress or NCP. In some cases where we believe the alliances are inevitable, it would restrict to just BJP and Sena,” he explained.

While Danve emphasised that his role would be to play the bridge between Fadnavis government and party, efforts would be taken not to enter into any acrimony with Shiv Sena which is an alliance partner.

Danve said,”For the last three decades BJP and Shiv Sena has learn the art of co-existence while retaining their individual identity at the same time. So, while I take the effort to expand the BJP, it would not in any way affect the chemistry in the government.”


Interestingly, a senior Shiv Sena cabinet minister who did not wishe to be named said, “ We are aware of the BJP’s agenda of contesting alone. We know their plans are to expand the organisation and come to power on own.” However, Sena president Uddhav Thackeray also has evolved plans to strengthen the organisation. Last month when he addressed the MLAs, he also warned us to work for expansion of Sena.

However, alliances in government does not stop individual party to continue to consolidate its own organisation.

First published on: 08-01-2015 at 20:38 IST
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