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Monday, January 20, 2020

Maharashtra govt formation Highlight: Uddhav Thackeray counters, says Amit Shah had agreed to sharing CM’s post

Maharashtra govt formation Highlight: Fadnavis catered his resignation to the Governor and was appointed acting Chief Minister as the deadlock over government formation continued.

By: Express Web Desk | Mumbai, New Delhi | Updated: November 8, 2019 10:16:00 pm
Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray addressing media. (Express Photo by Prashant Nadkar)

Maharashtra Govt Formation Highlights: The rift between the BJP and the Shiv Sena seems to be widening as the two parties on Friday held each other responsible for the impasse over government formation. While acting Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis accused the Sena chief of lying and denied his claims of talks over equitable sharing of CM post, Uddhav Thackeray fired back saying that Amit Shah had agreed to it.

Earlier in the day, Fadnavis catered his resignation to the Governor and was appointed acting Chief Minister as the deadlock over government formation continued. While BJP had claimed that the deadlock will “break any moment”, it’s warring ally Shiv Sena has decided to move its MLAs to The Retreat Hotel in Madh Island. The Congress, on the other hand, has alleged horse-trading by BJP, which the saffron party has vociferously refuted.

The tenure for the present state government is set to expire on Saturday. In the event that no government is formed, President’s Rule would follow. The BJP, which emerged as the single largest party in the October 21 Assembly polls winning 105 seats, and Shiv Sena, which bagged 56 seats, have not staked claim to form the government together or separately till now. The NCP and the Congress won 54 and 44 seats, respectively, in the election to the 288-member assembly where the majority mark is 145.

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Maharashtra government formation live updates: No headway between BJP, Shiv Sena on staking claim; Assembly tenure ends on Saturday.


    21:29 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Senior Congress leaders arrive at Sharad Pawar's residence

    Senior Congress leaders Ashok Chavan, Prithviraj Chavan, Sushilkumar Shinde arrive at NCP leader Sharad Pawar’s residence on Friday evening. 

    Express photo by Ganesh Shirsekar
    Express photo by Ganesh Shirsekar
    20:53 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    After Fadnavis resigns, Maharashtra Congress leaders meet Sharad Pawar

    Hours after Devendra Fadnavis submitted his resignation amid power-sharing talks between BJP-Sena, Opposition leaders huddled at NCP chief Sharad Pawar's residence to discuss the next course of action. Speaking to the media after the meeting at Pawar's residence "Silver Oak", state Congress president Balasaheb Thorat said his party and NCP had not taken any decision about their strategy. "All eyes are now on Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari," he said, adding that the governor should follow the set precedents in the current situation.

    18:38 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Will not speak to liars, other options open: Uddhav Thackeray

    I will not speak to people who have painted me to be a liar. The BJP should stake claim to power. We have other options open before us. The decision about the alliance now rests with the BJP. They should take an oath that they will not lie henceforth: Uddhav Thackeray

    18:34 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Uddhav Thackeray doubtful how BJP will reach majority

    When the caretaker CM says that the next government will be of the BJP, I have a doubt on how they will do so with only 105 seats in the assembly: Uddhav Thackeray

    18:32 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Regret joining hands with the BJP: Uddhav Thackeray

    We are given the heavy industry ministry in the centre which we did not want and were forced to take. I do not see the BJP as an enemy but they should not lie so much. I have never criticised PM Narendra Modi. You took Udayan Raje in the party. You should check what he has had said about the PM. How is that acceptable to you. I was happy under the belief that two Hindutva espousing parties had come together. However, their hearts have darkened now. I regret joining hands with such people: Uddhav Thackeray 

    18:24 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Fadnavis had requested the decision of sharing the CM's post not be made public

    Fadnavis had requested me that the decision of sharing the CM's post should not be made public as he claimed it would create problems for him within the party.

    18:20 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    'Amit Shah had agreed to equitable share of CM post'

    Amit Shah called me the next day and asked me what I wanted. I told them that I wanted an equitable share in the CMs post. He had agreed to it: Uddhav Thackeray 

    18:20 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Uddhav Thackeray addressing press conference

    Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray addressing a press conference said, "I Have been taught by my father to never go back on my word. I am saddened that for the first time a member of the Thackeray family has been portrayed as a liar. They have painted me as a liar. Fadnavis and shah had come to me, during the talks they had said that Sena will get deputy CM's post. I had declined the offer and had walked out then."

    17:26 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    50:50 formula was discussed and approved: Sanjay Raut

    Saw the press conference with Sharad Pawar. The Sena was with this government. Uddhav Thackeray will make a statement on what Fadanvis has said today. About the talk of 50:50 formula Uddhav Saheb says that this was discussed and approved. Raut says that in various states where leaders have criticised Narendra Modi the BJP has sat with such parties in power. The Shiv Sena has not criticised the PM or Amit Shah. We have always respected these two. Saying that we used harsh words against them is incorrect, said Sanjay Raut.

    17:01 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Next government will be formed by the BJP: Fadnavis

    Next government will be formed by the BJP. I apologise to the people for not being able to give the state a government. I assure that the BJP will be at the helm of the new dispensation: Fadnavis at press conference

    17:00 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Wrong to impose a fresh election: Fadnavis

    It would be wrong to impose a fresh election on the people of the state now. "The state should get a government. We will take measures to ensure that we do this. People are accusing that the BJP is trying to buy MLAs. I challenge them to prove the accusation. While forming the governemnt we will not indulge in horse trading," said Fadnavis. 

    16:58 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Governor has asked me to continue as acting CM

    The governor has asked me to continue as acting chief minister, said Fadnavis in the press conference. He added that the he won't be able to make any governance decision but will run a caretaker government till the next government is formed. 

    16:55 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Shiv Sena has continuously criticised PM Modi: Fadnavis

    The BJP respects Bal Thackeray's legacy. We have never made stattements against Bal or Uddhav Thackeray. In the last few days the Shiv Sena have sunk low while criticising our leader Narendra Modi. Even the Congress and the NCP have not criticised the PM the way our ally the Sena has done. If they want to criticise our leaders this way then the question arises as to why we should run a government with such an ally

    16:54 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    The talks were stopped by the Sena, not us: Fadnavis

    The talks were stopped by the sena. We were always open to a discussion, the Shiv Sena did not have time for us but had time for the Congress, NCP against whom we had sought votes and come to power. We made communication. The decision to halt talks with us by the Sena is not the right move by the party. The people surrounding Uddhav who are making statements have created a rift between the two parties

    16:50 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    No discussion on sharing of CM post with Sena: Fadnavis

    The issue of holding CM post for 2.5 years by Shiv Sena, I'm clearly saying this discussion had not cropped up earlier. In front of me such a demand or discussion by Shiv Sena earlier. There could probably have been a discussion in Sena. We have still not made any decision on the rotational CM demand by Sena. I've spoken to Uddhav on phone and tried to discuss it, but not managed to come to a concensus. I am hurt by Uddhav's "options open" comment.

    16:47 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    All options are open: Fadnavis

    BJP-Shiv Sena mahayuti has managed to gather 160 seats. BJP bagged 105 seats and has been the single largest party in the state. Our strike rate this time has been about 70%. This election mandate is due to our work in the past five years. Unfortunately the day the results came out we recieved less seats. In the first PC Uddhav Thackeray had said that all his doors for governemnt formation were open. This statement was a setback for us and we had a question on why he said that when we had fought elections together as an alliance. On the issue of holding CM post for 2.5 years by Shiv Sena, I'm clearly saying this discussion had not cropped up earlier. 

    16:42 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Ran the government in a transparent manner: Fadnavis

    I ran the government in a transparent manner and took the state ahead in all development parameters, said Fanavis adding, "I was given the responsibility to serve the people of Maharashtra for the past five years. With the help of people, I've successfully been able to undertake a number of projects as far as the work of the airport, metro and development is concerned during my tenure."

    16:41 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Governor has accepted my resignation: Fadnavis

    Addressing the media, Devendra Fadnavis said that he has submitted his resignation and the Governor has accepted it. He thanked PM Modi and BJP workers for their support during his term and said, "I want to thank Modi ji, all party workers and people who have worked with me in the government. I also want to thank Shiv Sena for their support in working the alliance in the state."  

    16:25 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Just In | Devendra Fadnavis resigns from CM post

    Fadnavis resigns from CM post, hands over letter to Governor. He is set to brief media next. 

    16:15 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Shiv Sena asks security for MLAs, writes to Mumbai Police

    Shiv Sena party secretary has written to Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Barve requesting security for newly elected party legislators and Independent MLAs who have extended support to Sena. Narvekar wrote that legislators will stay at The Retreat Hotel in Malad from November 8-15. The MLAs are being kept together as they might meet Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray several times during their stay.

    16:10 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    CM has now gone to meet Maharashtra Governor

    CM Devedra Fadnavis has reached Raj Bhawan to meet the Governor over the deadlock and the government formation. He is set to brief media at 4.30 pm. 

    16:05 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Here is what could possibly happen in CM's press briefing

    The outgoing Maharashtra assembly formally disssolves at 12 midnight. Fadnavis may announce his resignation as CM in the press conference. He could also pacify the Shiv Sena which has been hurt over his statement that the equal distribution of the CM post between both parties was never discussed

    16:02 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Fadnavis to give briefing on caretaker govt at 4.30 pm

    Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is set to give a briefing over the caretaker government which comes into being if the deadlock over next government formation does not end by tonight. The briefing is set to take place at 4.30 pm. 

    15:52 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Ramdas Athawale meets Sharad Pawar over deadlock

    Union minister Ramdas Athawale on Friday met Pawar here "to seek his advice" on ending deadlock over government formation in Maharashtra. Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Pawar suggested the BJP and Shiv Sena through Athawale to respect the "clear cut majority" people have given them. The Shiv Sena won 56 seats, NCP 54 and Congress 44 in the 288-member House.

    15:51 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Ministers Tawde, Bawankule meet Gadkari

    Two Maharashtra ministers and BJP leaders who were denied tickets for the last month's Assembly polls on Friday met their senior party colleague and Union minister Nitin Gadkari here. Higher and Technical Education minister Vinod Tawde and Power and Excise Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule met Gadkari at the latter's Worli residence. (PTI)

    15:34 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    President rule, may be but no fresh polls in Maha anytime soon: Pawar

    NCP chief Sharad Pawar said that there might be a President rule in Maharashtra but no fresh polling. He said, "People gave "clear cut" mandate to BJP-Shiv Sena and their allies, for how long can President, Governor wait; they will have to take some decision. Don't know why Maha governor not calling single largest party to form the government. President rule, may be but no fresh polls in Maha anytime soon."

    15:02 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Luxury buses outside Rangasharda for Sena MLAs in Bandra

    Express Photos by Prashant Nadkar
    14:29 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    BJP trashes Congress' horse-trading charges, says deadlock will break 'any moment'

    Senior BJP leader Sudhir Mungantiwar rubbished the allegations of horse-trading against the BJP calling them baseless in order to tarnish the party's image.

    "Anybody in Congress who alleges BJP is luring them to defect by offering money they should expose the call record. All such charges are baseless to tarnish BJP'S image," he told reporters.

    Responding to whether BJP will claim a stake of the government formation with Sena, Mungantiwar remained hopeful and said the dialogue is at various levels and the deadlock will break any moment.

    "There was no rethinking regarding the CM's post. Devendra Fadnavis will be the CM. The BJP has already appointed Fadnavis as state legislative party leader," he said.

    14:10 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Shiv sena will shift MLAs to hotel in West Malad

    The Shiv Sena has decided to move its MLAs to The Retreat Hotel in Madh Island as party legislators complained about poor facilities at Rang Sharda Hotel, a three-star hotel in suburban Mumbai. 

    "Around 30 rooms have been booked in Rang Sharda and two legislators have been put in one room. Hotel management didn't provide us more rooms due to unavailability. Also, there is no cleanliness in rooms," said a Sena legislator. 

    Party sources told The Indian Express that Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray is likely to arrive at Rang Sharda to speak to the legislators before they leave for another hotel.  

    On Thursday, Sena had herded all its legislators into Rang Sharda, a three-star hotel in suburban Mumbai, less than four kilometers from the party headquarters. 

    13:55 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Horse-trading not part of party's culture: BJP leader Keshav Upadhye

    Refuting allegations of horse-trading in Maharashtra, the BJP said such practice is not part of the party's culture. State BJP spokesperson Keshav Upadhye said, "There is no question of the BJP going for horse-trading as it is not our culture."

    Upadhye's reaction came after Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar alleged sums of "Rs 25 crore to Rs 50 crore" were being offered to MLAs to switch sides in Maharashtra.

    "The Congress some decades back had won more than 200 seats. In the last few elections, the party has not been able to perform well and this time it could not even win 50 seats.

    "It is their frustration that is pushing them to make baseless allegations," the BJP spokesman said.

    -PTI inputs 

    13:51 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    What is caretaker govt? Legal experts say cannot continue indefinitely

    As BJP mulls over its two options — one being where CM Fadnavis runs a caretaker government for the next 15 days if the deadlock continues — legal experts opine that such a government cannot run indefinitely as it would be against the spirit of the Indian Constitution.

    Anant Kalse, former Secretary, Maharashtra Legislature said the concept of the caretaker government is not mentioned in the Constitution and the Governor will have to take a decision in case there are no claimants and will have to send an appropriate report to the President recommending President's rule. He stated that the concept of a caretaker government was germinated during the tenure of Charan Singh government.

    Kalse said the caretaker government can not take any policy decision. "It will have to take only routine decision. But the caretaker government cannot continue for long," he said.

    However, former State advocate general Shrihari Aney held a different opinion stating that the caretaker government can continue till the next elections are held. "There is no rule that the caretaker government cannot continue even after November 9 when the term of the present Assembly ends. However, there are some legal limitations and Supreme Court rulings for its cannot continue indefinitely," he said.

    13:31 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Gadkari arrives in Mumbai, refuses to mediate between Sena and BJP

    BJP leader and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on his arrival to Mumbai said he will not intervene to break the deadlock between his party and Shiv Sena, PTI reported.

    "I am not meeting any politician today. I am here to attend a public function today evening," he told reporters in Mumbai.

    Gadkari's visit triggered speculation that he may step in to break the fortnight-long BJP-Sena logjam over sharing the chief minister's post, which is delaying goverment formation in the state.

    On Thursday, Gadkari has said as BJP is the single largest party, it is natural for CM Fadnavis to form the government.

    -PTI inputs

    13:10 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    In pictures | Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, son Aaditya reach party headquarters

    Shiv Sena party president Uddhav Thackeray along with Adity reach Sena Bhavan. Eknath Shinde and Sanjay Raut too reach the party headquarters. (Express photos by Prashant Nadkar)

    12:37 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Will stop horse-trading pattern: Cong on BJP's attempt to poach its MLAs

    Maharashtra Congress leader Nitin Raut too confirmed reports of BJP approaching Congress' MLAs with money and claimed to stop any horse-trading pattern, ANI reported. 

    "There were reports that some Congress MLAs were approached by BJP leaders with money. Yesterday one or two of our MLAs were offered around Rs 25 crore. We will do our best to stop the horse-trading pattern that started in Karnataka," Raut said.

    12:19 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    "Rs 25cr-Rs 50cr" being offered to MLAs to switch sides: Congress

    The Congress has alleged that sums of "Rs 25 crore to Rs 50 crore" were being offered to MLAs to switch sides in Maharashtra. Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar claimed the MLAs too, have been contacted over the phone with such offers.

    "Our MLAs are also being contacted. Attempts are being made to lure away MLAs with offers of Rs 25 to Rs 50 crore," he alleged while talking to reporters in Mumbai.

    "We have told our MLAs to record such calls so that people of the state know about them," he said.

    -PTI inputs

    12:09 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    BJP pushing Maharashtra towards President's rule: NCP

    The NCP has accused the BJP of pushing Maharashtra towards President's rule and wanting to run it through Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NDA constituent's chief Amit Shah. NCP chief spokesperson Nawab Malik also said the people of Maharashtra will not tolerate this "insult" of the state. "The BJP wants to run Maharashtra through Modi and Shah from Delhi by pushing the state towards President's rule. People will not tolerate this insult of Maharashtra. It is carved in history that Maharashtra doesn't bow before Delhi. Jai Maharashtra," Malik tweeted.

    12:03 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    Uddhav firm on his demand, no need of negotiator: Sena's Sanjay Raut

    Shiv Sena leader and party's spokesperson Sanjay Raut said Uddhav Thackeray stands firm on his demand to not share the CM's post and referring to Hindutva leader Sambhaji Bhinde's intention to meet the party chief, he said there is no need for a negotiator, ANI reported. 

    "There is no need of a negotiator. Shiv Sena chief is firm on his demand. This issue is between Sena and BJP and others shouldn't come into it," Raut said.

    Bhinde had come o Matoshree, the residence of Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, on Thursday with a message from the BJP to negotiate on government formation talks.

    “He had come with a message from the BJP to negotiate. If he wants to tell something, then he should tell it to BJP and not us. Why should we compromise every time? So, we told him to go to BJP and tell them something,” a senior Sena leader said, adding that he could not meet Uddhav.

    11:46 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    We have not moved our MLAs anywhere: Cong leader Vijay Wadettiwar

    Amidst speculation that Congress may shift its MLAs to Jaipur, Congress leader and Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Assembly Vijay Wadettiwar Friday confirmed the party has not moved its MLAs to any place, ANI reported.

    "We have not moved our MLAs anywhere, all our MLAs are at their locations. If some of our MLAs have gone to any place it might be a personal visit," Wadettiwar said.

    Earlier today, Congress had convened a meeting of its newly-elected MLAs in Mumbai, which all 44 MLAs were scheduled to attend.

    11:06 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    BJP should not misuse provision of 'caretaker' govt: Shiv Sena

    As the impasse over government formation continues in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena leader and MP Sanjay Raut said BJP should not misuse the provision of a "caretaker" government.

    Party insider told The Indian Express on Thursday that the party is mulling two options — either to form a BJP-Sena government through compromise or Fadnavis runs a caretaker government for the next 15 days if the deadlock continues.

    He further said Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis should resign as a term of the existing assembly is ending.

    -PTI inputs

    10:50 (IST)08 Nov 2019
    BJP should approach us if they agree to CM post for Sena: Sanjay Raut

    Shiv Sena's leader and MP Sanjay Raut Friday said the BJP should approach us only if they agree to the Chief Ministerial post for the Sena, PTI reported. 

    "If President's rule is imposed in the Maharashtra, it will be disrespect to people of the state," ANI quoted him as saying. 

    Party sources told The Indian Express the BJP is mulling two options: to form a BJP-Sena government through compromise or let Fadnavis run a caretaker government for the next 15 days if the deadlock continues. In the event that no government is formed, President’s Rule would follow.

    Devendra Fadnavis with Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray. (File Photo)

    Maharashtra government formation live updates:

    Shiv Sena MLAs on Thursday passed a resolution authorising party chief Uddhav Thackeray to take a “final decision” on government formation in Maharashtra. As the power tussle between the BJP and the Shiv Sena continues over the chief minister’s post, Maharashtra BJP president Chandrakant Patil and Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar along with other senior party leaders met Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari to discuss “legal aspects” of the delay in the formation of a government in the state after the October 21 elections.

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