Views: Will the coal controversy free CBI?

SC has asked CBI why it shared report on coal block allocation with the Law Minister and PMO.

Written by Tikli Basu | New Delhi | Published: April 30, 2013 12:57:56 pm

The Supreme Court has rapped the Central Bureau of Investigation hard,asking it very tough questions on why it shared the report on coal block allocation with the Law Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office.

This is a timely rap as the coal controversy ,first reported in The Indian Express,has exposed again that CBI directors often go running to their political masters.

Another observation by the Supreme Court today – ‘when did the foundation of the laid down law become so shaky’ – also points at the fact that there has been clear violation by the government in trashing the apex court’s instructions in the coal case.

The Congress never loses an opportunity to come off red faced,since by backing Law Minister Ashwani Kumar ,it had decided to fight it out. When its defence collapses,the Congress waits for a court to push the matter forward,mostly in the direction it didn’t expect. NDA was no better.

In this controversy has also emerged a case of perjury by Additional Solicitor General Harin Rawal,who despite being witness to changes made in the CBI’s report by Ashwani Kumar,had told the court that the report had not been shared with the political executive. If the Congress was right,why lie about it?

While former CBI officers claim that no one has ever asked for a Constitutional status for the CBI,or brought laws to make it independent,the judiciary questions why the CBI must come under pressure when its directors have been given the security of tenure of two years in service. Why go to the Law Minister when he is not even the administrative head of the CBI? It is the Department of Personnel Training.

What next?

After his retirement,late Chief Justice of India J S Verma had said in an interview that the agency should report only to the court in the case of all important probes.

Let us see what the CBI comes up with in its answer to the court’s questions in a few days.

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