Sonia sought votes for LDF in Kerala: Sushma Swaraj

Sonia sought votes for LDF in Kerala: Sushma Swaraj

‘Complete non-application of mind on part of mother and son during campaigning.’

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday took pot shots at Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul for their “complete non-application of mind” during campaigning in Kerala and Tamil Nadu poll and cited some alleged gaffes to prove her point.

“Congres President in her speeches in Kerala sought votes for the LDF (Left Democratic Front). Not once but twice. Some people say even three times. And even after she came to know this,she did not correct this mistake,” Swaraj told a press conference after wrapping up her campaign in Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Pudducherry.

“Maybe in her speech,there was a typographical mistake. This is common. It could be a human error. But while speaking she should know for which Front she is there,which Front she is leading. If there was a mistake once,she could correct herself the second time. Even after the speech,she could have corrected herself. But it remained like that,” Swaraj said.

“That means while speaking she (Sonia) does not apply her mind at all. It was a demonstration of complete non-application of mind,” Swaraj charged.


“Similarly,when Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi attacked the age of (Kerala Chief Minister) V S Achutanandan he forgot that in Tamil Nadu he is supporting a person of exactly the same age. There is no difference in the age of Achutanandan and (Tamil Nadu CM) M Karunanidhi,” Swaraj said.

She was referring to Rahul’s comments that if LDF is voted back to power,Achuthanandan would be 93 when he completes his next term.

“In Tamil Nadu the age of 87 is good but is bad in Kerala. How can one age be right in one place and wrong in another? But there was complete non-application of mind (by Rahul) that what I am saying here will backfire in Tamil Nadu,” Swaraj said.

She also took a dig at union minister V Narayansamy,saying he had made comments in Pudducherry which were “most condemnable”.

“Narayansamy,who is a minister in the PMO,said in a women’s meeting that we are giving you everything free except babies. We have demanded from the Congress President and Prime Minister for action against him,” Swaraj said.

Another reported statement from the minister that Congress has given cell phones to women so that they fight with their husbands and would give more cell phones so that they can fight more also drew the ire of the BJP.