Sarabjit Singh cremated,blame game erupts between Congress,BJP

Sarabjit Singh cremated,blame game erupts between Congress,BJP

Seeking to deflect accusations of mishandling Sarabjit case,Cong released a paper today.

Seeking to blunt BJP criticism of ‘inaction’ by UPA government in Sarabit Singh case,Congress today released a paper documenting actions taken by the government in the matter and accused BJP-led NDA of ‘never raising the issue’ when the opposition alliance was in power.

The 3-page document released by AICC said “it started in 1990. Sarabjit was in jail all through NDA rule but never did the NDA government ask for consular access to him.

“They did not ever raise the issue with Pakistan authorities nor during the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s visit to Lahore or during Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s visits to Agra or subsequent visits by any other dignitaries.”

The document was released on a day when an NDA delegation led by L K Advani met President Pranab Mukherjee on Sarabjit issue.


“What distresses us very greatly is the inaction of the Government of India,the Ministry of External Affairs and the officials concerned of not having constantly monitored this case… We are persuaded to emphasise this because we hold that our government’s inaction in this case cannot be condoned. They owe the country an explanation and an apology,” Advani said after the meeting with the President.

Sections in Congress believe the murderous attack on Sarabjit in a jail in Pakistan leading to his death could be a ploy to inflame passions in India and create a fertile ground for fanning fundamentalism.

In the document,the party has listed a series of actions taken by UPA government on the issue of Sarabjit since it came to power in 2004 and more specifically the actions taken since the attack on Sarabjit there on April 26.