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Raghav Rajan is Bitti Mohanty,say Rajasthan Police

Rajasthan police officer,has identified Rajan as Mohanty,says Rahul R Nair.

The Rajasthan Police Monday “verbally” confirmed Raghav Rajan,a bank officer arrested Saturday on charges of forging identity,is Alwar rape convict Bitti Mohanty.

Kannur SP Rahul R Nair said the Rajasthan police officer,who had arrested Mohanty for a German woman’s rape,has identified Rajan as Mohanty. Jaipur Additional Commissioner of Police Biju Joseph too confirmed this.

A Police team from Jaipur has reached Kerala. “They have not brought any forensic evidence to scientifically prove the person in our custody is Mohanty. We have a case of cheating and impersonation. It is our onus to prove that the person is not Rajan,’’ said Nair.

The Kerala police had expected Rajasthan Police would bring forensic evidence,including reports of blood samples and fingerprints of Mohanty. If this evidence does not exist,the last option would be to conduct a DNA test,sources said.


Joseph said Rajasthan Police would seek his custody after Kerala Police completes the probe. “We would scientifically prove that Rajan is Mohanty,” he said. Sources in Kerala police said they are planning to get a statement recorded from the Rajasthan police on their claim that Rajan is Mohanty.

Earlier in the day,Rajan was produced before the first class magistrate court in Payyannur,which sent him in police custody for 10 days. Advocate Nicholas Joseph,who appeared for Rajan,said the arrested person still sticks to the stand that he is not Mohanty,but Raghav Rajan.

“The Kerala police has sought 10-day custody of Bitti Mohanti and will be escorting him to Jaipur. The four-member police team from Rajasthan will also accompany them. The team will take a train from Kerela on Tuesday evening and is expected to arrive in Jaipur on Thursday. Thereafter a joint interrogation of the convict by the Kerala and Rajasthan police will be held,” Joseph said. With ENS,Jaipur

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