Physically-challenged,visually-impaired to get special care

Physically-challenged,visually-impaired to get special care

Blind,infirm,visually impaired electors will be permitted to take assistant to cast vote.

The Election Commission said today it has taken steps to ensure that physically challenged electorate are not made to wait in the queue for casting their votes in the May 5 Karnataka Assembly elections.

“Special arrangements will be made for persons with disability at polling stations,” Karnataka Chief Electoral Officer Anil Kumar Jha told reporters here.

Polling booth staff would assist physically challenged and visually impaired citizens to exercise their franchise at the booth and wheel chairs would be allowed in,he said.

In polling stations where permanent ramps have not been provided,temporary ramps would be provided. Blind,infirm and visually impaired electors would be permitted to take an assistant to cast the vote,if he or she so wishes.


Electors with speech and hearing impairment would be given special care as in the case of other differently-abled persons. The facility of Braille signage is available on the electronic voting machines for visually impaired voters to “feel” the numbers and press an appropriate button to cast the vote.

At training sessions,polling personnel have been sensitised about the special needs of the differently-abled voters,in terms of courteous behaviour towards them and for providing necessary support at booths,Jha said.