P. Chidambaram attacks Narendra Modi,miffed BJP says he’s got ‘Modi-phobia’

It is better to be a Rambo than to be a dumbo or a scambo: BJP spokesperson added.

Written by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Published: July 1, 2013 7:43:06 pm

The much-touted Gujarat model of development is “flawed” and “a bit of an exaggeration”,Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said today,affirming that this design,much flaunted by Chief Minister Narendra Modi,would not work for the whole country.

Gujarat model has left large sections of the people of the state behind,Chidambaram explained.

“Like every model,there are some positive elements. But by and large it’s a flawed model. It is a model that does not believe in inclusive growth. It is a model that has left large sections of the people of Gujarat behind.

“Secondly,a model that may have worked in Gujarat over a period of few years may not be the model that will work for the whole country,” he said.

Refusing to get into a discussion whether Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate would be good or bad for Congress,he said his party was not fighting any individual but an idea represented by BJP which was rejected in 2004 and 2009.

He mocked the elevation of Modi as Election Campaign Committee chief,saying he was such a divisive person that there is a “lot of rebellion” within his party,starting from the top,apparently referring to the resignation by L K Advani.

“We think Mr Modi is a very divisive figure,which is why there is a lot of rebellion within his party. For the first time I have seen there is a rebellion starting at the very top,” Chidambaram said.

Cong leaders suffering from “Modi-phobia”: BJP

In a sharp reaction to Chidambaram’s statement,BJP today said such leaders are suffering from “Modi-phobia” and a psycho-analysis test should be performed on them.

“Chidambaram and several other Congress leaders suffer from Modi-phobia. There is a need for a psycho-analysis test of such leaders,” BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi told reporters when asked about her reaction to the Finance Minister’s remarks.

Lekhi said the Congress leaders are using such language due to “failures” of UPA government as seen in “lack of governance” which the people are now well aware of.

She expressed her ire over the frequent targeting of Modi by Congress leaders.

“The UPA government is responsible for malgovernance and corruption”,the BJP leader charged.

“Those using such language about Modi have scored century after century in corruption and their innings is still not over,” Lekhi said.

Lekhi also took on Congress on the issue of relief and rehabilitation work in Uttarakhand and Modi’s efforts to help stranded people which had earned him the nickname “Rambo”.

“There has been a lack of governance,lack of initiative on the part of the government in Uttarakhand…. It is better to be a Rambo than to be a dumbo or a scambo,” Lekhi said,and expressed her anger over use of “derogatory words” against Modi.

She charged Congress leaders have not shown leadership but are stooping to such a low level to use words like Rambo.

The BJP also charged leaders like Chidambaram and Congress,and not the main opposition,are engaged in “divisive politics” as seen in the posters the party has put up to claim credit for the manner in which relief material for the flood-affected people of Uttarkhand was flagged off by the Congress President (to gain publicity) and several other examples.

Lekhi also alleged while BJP leaders were asked not to go to Uttarakhand by the government as rescue operations are still on but when a leader of theirs- a reference to Rahul Gandhi- wanted to go after returning from a foreign trip,the government agreed.

BJP also hit out at JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar for making comments against Modi on his visit to Gujarat. “What Kumar calls a tamasha is actually good governance,” Lekhi said.

BJP also condemned some posters pasted in some places in Delhi making derogatory remarks against CBI,saying these are in “poor taste” and the party and Modi disassociate themselves from the posters. “We condemn all such acts,” Lekhi said.

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