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Mizoram Assembly Polls: Bru relief camps in Tripura register good turnout

5 centres went to polls on Wednesday. The last and largest camp at Naisingpara will cast votes on Thursday.

Casting of postal ballot in Tripura’s Bru relief camps for the Mizoram Assembly Elections saw a decent turnout on Wednesday.

Hazachera recorded 78.88% voter turnout,Khapsangpara 82.37%,Hamsapara 86.64%,Dakshau 80.09% as ballots were still being cast in Asapara.

The largest camp in Naisingpara will go to polls on Thursday.

About 90 officials,including 74 desk officers,seven nodal officers,six observers and one special observer have arrived in Kanchanpur on Monday to conduct elections in six common facilitation centres.


Two platoons of Tripura State Rifles and one platoon of Mizoram Armed Police have been deployed for the 6 centres.

There are 11,612 voters in the Bru camps. They were permitted to postal ballot casting following a High Court order in 1999.

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