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‘Like Ram temple,BJP trying to politicise Ganga river issue’

'Ganga river issue is decades old,how come BJP got reminded of it at this politically crucial time'.

Ganga Mukti Sangram,an organisation of saints and seers,on Tuesday accused the BJP of politicising Ganga river through its ‘Ganga Samagra Yatra’ and said only involvement of common man can save the river.

The group,which is working to save the holy river,said it would not allow the saffron party to succeed in its intentions.

“BJP has played a trick to politicise issue of Ganga river though ‘Ganga Samagra Yatra’,but it will not be allowed to succeed in its intentions,” convener of Mukti Sangram,Acharya Pramod Krishnam said.

He said that as a part of campaign to politicise Ganga river,the Mukti Sangram would organise a meeting of intellectuals,journalists and stakeholders in Delhi next month.


Acharya Krishnam said besides discussing measures to save the river,detailed deliberations would also be held on how to save its politicisation.

After this a campaign would be launched to warn people about the BJP’s intentions,he said.

Krishnam said Ganga river does not belong to a particular religion,caste or sect,it’s of the entire nation and any issue related to it was a national issue.

Acharya Krishnam said,“The issue of Ganga river was decades old,how come BJP got reminded of it at this politically crucial time.”

He alleged that BJP had nothing to do with the security of the river,instead like Ram temple it wanted to take political mileage from the issue.

Led by Uma Bharati,BJP has started ‘Ganga Samgra Yatra’ from Ganga Sagar in West Bengal from September 21.

The 39-day long yatra would culminate at Gangotri on October 28 and in between pass through Uttar Pradesh between October 9 to October 22.

The convener Krishnam said he has got assurance from various religious Muslim leaders during his meetings with them on joining hands in the conservation work.

“The failure of various projects to make Ganga pollution-free following rampant corruption proves that only the involvement of common people of the country can save the river and the support of Muslims in this task is equally important,” he said.

“Soon we will sit together and formulate a joint work plan and also visit the areas on the banks of the river to create public awareness,” Krishnam said.