Jethmalani in Hurriyat crosshairs over Kashmir remark

Jethmalani in Hurriyat crosshairs over Kashmir remark

Mirwaiz also said the Hurriyat will not talk to interlocutors since they don’t have the authority to take big decisions.

Hurriyat has never proposed a five-point formula for the solution of the Kashmir issue,said chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a response to BJP leader Ram Jethmalani’s claim that his Kashmir Committee had brought moderate separatists on board for a Kashmir solution.

gThere was no written agreement with the Kashmir Committee headed by Ram Jethmalani,” Mirwaiz said in a statement issued here on Monday. “The claim is false”.

Mirwaiz said the only formula Hurriyat was interested in was the four-point proposal of former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf.

gWe discussed the implementation of these proposals with the Kashmir Committee. And nothing else,” Mirwaiz said. The four-point proposal set out a four-step incremental process for the Kashmir resolution. The steps are: identification of the regions in Kashmir for a solution; demilitarization; self governance and a joint or a consultative mechanism between India and Pakistan on the state.


Jethmalani had earlier said the Kashmir Committee had reached a five-point agreement with moderate separatists for a permanent Kashmir solution which was subsequently sabotaged by the central government.

gWe had a written agreement with the Hurriyat leaders on five important issues,knowing fully well they were talking to us with the full knowledge and consent of Pakistan. The main points are ―violence and terror were to be totally outlawed; the solution must be acceptable to all parties and sections,which means it included people of Ladakh and Jammu. Extremist positions like scrapping of Article 370 of the Constitution and the demand for secession were to be abandoned by both sides,displaced Pandits have to be rehabilitated with full honour and dignity and that the new dispensation will be a democracy of equal rights,” Jethmalani said in an interview to a television channel.

However,he said the Committee received no encouragement from the central government. “There are people in this country who have an interest in not solving the problem,” Jethmalani said.

Mitrwaiz,however,said the Hurriyat was ready to talk to New Delhi. “We are ready to holds talks with New Delhi at the highest level,” Mirwaiz said. He said the Hurriyat will not talk to interlocutors as they didn’t have the authority to take big decisions.