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Farooq Abdullah’s rupee one meal comment ridiculed by Prakash Karat

Karat says that this meal scheme should be implemented in J-K.

Union Minister Farooq Abdullah’s comment that a meal could be had in just one rupee today prompted CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat to suggest that such a scheme be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir – two Congressmen have already been pilloried for their meal at Rs 12 and Rs 5 comments.

“If this is correct,then why not implement it in J and K where there is autonomy,” Karat said at a press conference when asked to comment on the remarks of Abdullah as also Congress leaders Raj Babbar and Rashid Masood.

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Abdullah’s party National Conference runs a coalition government in the state with Congress.

Asked whether one could have a hearty meal in 5 or 12 rupees as suggested by Masood and Babbar,Karat said “this is just impossible in this age of price rise.”

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He said one can have “cheap and good food” at the canteens run by AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu with government subsidy. AIADMK is a friendly party of the Left.

Karat was also critical of the poverty estimates brought out by the government and wondered “how can the poor live on just Rs 27.”

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“The Congress is trying to project that it is all milk and honey in the country,” he added.