Delhi gangrape case: Shockingly abusive language,threats hit court

Delhi gangrape case: Shockingly abusive language,threats hit court

Abuses and threats were freely exchanged even as judge was in attendance in court.

The court proceedings in the December 16 Delhi gangrape and murder trial today witnessed trading of charges among the defence counsel who used filthy language.

Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna tried to stop the advocates from behaving in such a manner,saying “if they want to fight they can leave the court room”.

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“If you are not listening to me,then please leave the court room and fight outside the court. You should see that there are juniors (advocates) seated behind you.

“If you have some personal grievances against each other,you can settle them outside the court. Here I am hearing such an important case,” the judge said adding why both the advocates are levelling allegations against each other.


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The advocates of accused Mukesh and Vinay Sharma were making allegations against each other and were heard using filthy language.

The moment accused Vinay Sharma in his statement said the main accused Ram Singh (since deceased) and his brother Mukesh had falsely implicated him,their advocate V K Anand objected to the submission saying he should not say so,otherwise he will have to face consequences.

To which,Vinay’s counsel A P Singh said Anand should not stop his client from making submission as Mukesh has already deposed that he is innocent and Vinay and four other co-accused were involved in the gangrape of the victim.

When Anand and Singh shouted at the top of there voice,the court said “the judge and advocates should always be calm. The moment they lose their temper,it means defeat”.

However,Anand’s counsel said “now see what I can do. I will bring Mukesh as a witness in the case”.

The court is hearing on a daily basis the case in which a female physiotherapy intern was beaten up and gangraped in a bus on December 16 last year in which she was travelling with her male friend who was also brutally attacked with an iron rod.

There were six others in the bus,including the driver,Ram Singh,Vinay Sharma,Akshay Thakur,Pawan Gupta and Mukesh who had allegedly gangraped the girl.

The victim died of her injuries on Deember 29 last year while undergoing treatment in a Singapore Hospital.

During the trial,Ram Singh was found dead in Tihar jail on March 11 and court proceedings against him stand abated.

The sixth accused,a juvenile,faced an inquiry before the juvenile justice board here.

During recording of the statement today,Vinay told the judge that he is innocent and has been falsely implicated by Ram Singh and Mukesh.

“On December 16,2012,I had a fight with Ram Singh at 8.30 pm in the evening as he has teased my sister when she went to buy milk in the market. We had exchanged blows during the fight and blood started flowing from my mouth.

“After that,I returned home. I,Pawan and one of our friends had gone to a musical function in South Delhi,” Vinay told the court,claiming “I was not in the bus”.

He further said that as “I had a fight with Ram Singh,so he and Mukesh are falsely implicating me”.

In his statement,he also said he does not know Akshay and Mukesh. “I only know Ram Singh as he was residing in the same society”.

Earlier,Mukesh and Akshay had recorded their statements in the court claiming themselves to be innocent. The judge will record the statement of Pawan tomorrow.

Vinay also said “I do not know why the prosecution witnesses have deposed against me”.

During the hearing,he also said the victim’s friend and the carpenter,who was allegedly robbed by the six on the fateful night,had initially not recognised him.

“Initially,the complainants have not recognised me. Later,the police had asked them to implicate me just to complete the number of assailants involved in the crime”.

On being asked that after his arrest in the case,he had refused to undergo identification test saying you did a wrong act,Vinay said senior police officials have asked him to say so.


“After my arrest in the case,I was beaten up badly. I was made to sign a blank paper. The police have not recovered anything at my instance. The evidence against me has been planted,” Vinay said.

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