Deepak Bhardwaj murder: I thought he would give property to his girlfriend,Nitesh told cops

Deepak Bhardwaj murder: I thought he would give property to his girlfriend,Nitesh told cops

Deepak Bhardwaj was habituated to humiliating wife and sons in presence of women friends.

Bhardwaj murder 30-year-old woman,close to father and son,gave police key leads; Bhardwaj would often humiliate family in presence of his women friends.

Probing the murder of BSP leader Deepak Bhardwaj,police questioned more than 300 people but it was a 30-year-old woman,said to be close to both Bhardwaj and his younger son Nitesh,whose leads proved crucial in solving the case.

Police sources said the young woman disclosed that Bhardwaj had told his family he was drafting a will which would exclude them and that he would leave behind his properties to his women friends.

Bhardwaj would often humiliate his wife and sons,Hitesh and Nitesh,at times in the presence of his women friends. With his father refusing to help,Nitesh became a partner in a small firm dealing in properties with an office in Vasant Kunj.


“I was frustrated with my father’s activities. We were leading a hand-to-mouth existence. He would humiliate my mother and brother a lot. I could see my mother going down. My father never understood us. He would insult the family publicly,and in the presence of his women friends,” police quoted Nitesh as having said.

The only property in the name of Nitesh,Hitesh and Bhardwaj’s wife Ramesh Kumari was the Shiksha Bharati School in Dwarka Sector 22 where Ramesh Kumari lived in a house on the school premises. Hitesh and Nitesh lived in separate flats in Dwarka.

Probing the murder,police could make only four arrests,including the alleged assailants. Investigators then tried to figure who would benefit the most from Bhardwaj’s death and who would inherit his property.

Bhardwaj,sources said,was close to three women — the 30-year-old who managed a real estate office in GK I,a woman in Haridwar where he was developing a residential property,and another woman who worked at the school he had left for his sons and wife.

Police sources claimed Nitesh told them he was worried that Bhardwaj would divorce Ramesh Kumari and marry the 30-year-old woman and will her his entire property. When he spoke to his father about this,the latter said he would do as he wished. He also told Nitesh that the family would not get any share of his property.

The 30-year-old woman,police sources said,also disclosed that Bhardwaj wanted to purchase four hotels in the United States and that he hadn’t informed his family about his new business interest. He had only confided in the woman and was perhaps going to give her a share in the business.

The woman,who hails from Kanpur and lives in Rajouri Garden,was close to Bhardwaj. But she later became close to Nitesh as well and often discussed business ventures.

“She knew of all dealings of Bhardwaj. During conversations,she would disclose details to Nitesh,” police sources said,adding that their investigation so far did not suggest her involvement in the murder conspiracy. The woman is still being questioned.

According to police,it was Bhardwaj’s closeness to the three women that upset the family.

The farmhouse where Bhardwaj was murdered on March 26 was named Nitesh Kunj but Nitesh received no share from the money raised from parties and functions there. The 30-year-old woman,on the other hand,got almost 50 per cent share of the booking money.


Bhardwaj’s family members had pointed fingers at the woman after the murder but her disclosures made police sit up and probe deeper.