BJP sticks to demand for PM’s resignation

BJP sticks to demand for PM’s resignation

We are clear that the PM resigns first and then we will discuss anything else,says BJP spokesperson.

Not withstanding Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s rejection of its demand to step down,BJP today said it will continue to seek his ouster as government has “lost the confidence” of the executive,the legislature and the judiciary.

BJP also attacked the government for its alleged failure in ensuring smooth conduct of Parliament and said it had only sought an adjournment motion to discuss the issue of alleged involvement of Prime Minister’s Office in the Coal scam.

The opposition party also attacked the Prime Minister for trying to save Law Minister Ashwani Kumar by rejecting demands for his resignation in the wake of his alleged interference in the CBI report on the coal scam and said he was “trying to thank him for saving him”. “We are clear that the Prime Minister resigns first and then we will discuss anything else,” BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said here today.

Asked why BJP was insisting on PM’s resignation,he said,”A lot of questions have been raised on why BJP is demanding Prime Minister’s resignation. Going by the sequence of events,it is clear that the government has lost the confidence of all the three – the judiciary,the executive and the judiciary.


“The government that has lost the confidence of the executive,legislature and the judiciary and when the involvement of the Prime Minister’s Office has been directly

proved,then why should we not demand the Prime Minister’s resignation,” he said. On the Prime Minister rejecting demands that the Law Minister resign,he said,”The Prime Minister has in a way thanked Ashwani Kumar for saving him in the Coal scam.” Trivedi said the government attempts to “change” the JPC report on 2G reflected that it had lost its influence and confidence on the legislature.

On the Supreme Court asking government whether the CBI report on coal scam was shared with the political executive,he said,”This proved that the judiciary did not have faith in the government’s integrity. This government finally proved

that true. This means the government has lost the confidence of the judiciary also.” On the issue of stalling Parliament,he said BJP only brought an adjournment motion.”We wanted a discussion on the issue of direct involvement

of Prime Minister in the alleged interference in the CBI report on coal scam.The government is unable to fulfil its job of allowing Parliament to function smoothly,” Trivedi said,blaming the government for the impasse.The Prime Minister today rejected demands for his resignation as well as that of the Law Minister on the issue of alleged interference in the preparation of the CBI status report in the coal scam.