Battered by father,baby girl remains critical

Battered by father,baby girl remains critical

Father tried to kill her for being born a girl,confessed to previous murder attempts.

The condition of three-month old Afreen,allegedly battered by her father for being born a girl,continues to be critical and she is still on life support,hospital sources said.

The baby is on ventilator support and life support medication and had two convulsions today,attending medico Dr Premalatha told PTI.

Dr Gangadhar Belawadi,Medical Superintendent of Vani Vilas Hospital,where the child has been admitted,said there has been no bleeding from the rectum today unlike yesterday for which she was given blood transfusion. “We are monitoring her condition round the clock to ensure convulsions do not recur.”

He said it is very difficult to give a clear picture of the baby’s condition till she is taken off the ventilator and life support medication.


The child has severe head injuries and deep bite marks on her thighs and buttocks. Omar Farooq,25,her father has confessed to having tried to kill his daughter as he did not want a girl. He also confessed to having tried to murder her on other occasions,the police said.

A local court extended to April 21 the judicial custody of Farooq,who was arrested on April 8 on a complaint filed by his wife Reshma.

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