Social & economic issues like poverty, employment and quality education are ignored while crying over reservation: Kanhaiya Kumar

Social & economic issues like poverty, employment and quality education are ignored while crying over reservation: Kanhaiya Kumar

He also expressed his opinion on reservation, freedom and social transformation during an interactive session with journalists at the Press Club in Sector 27 on Monday.

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Kanhaiya Kumar at Chandigarh Press Club in Sector 27 on Monday. Express photo by Kamleshwar Singh

By Jagriti Negi

Former JNU student and activist Kanhaiya Kumar attacked the ruling government for making fake promises during elections and not fulfilling them. He also expressed his opinion on reservation, freedom and social transformation during an interactive session with journalists at the Press Club in Sector 27 on Monday. Here are some excerpts from the interaction:

You have been in the limelight several times for talking about azaadi. What freedom you wish for?

Everyone wants freedom. Freedom has different meaning to everyone at different times. An internet user wants freedom from slow connection. I feel independence is somewhat like freedom from disparities prevailing in every grounds of our society, freedom from capitalism, Brahmanism, caste illiteracy, communal violence and starvation. Today, just because I and you are getting enough food that doesn’t mean that starvation not prevailing in the country. Still there are thousands of people who are struggling for food and shelter every day. We need freedom from hunger and poverty. I feel freedom is somewhat to secure and keep alive independence itself.


RSS, BJP and left wing — all have their own perception on reservation. What is your opinion?

Reservation should be there or not should be there, it is not a matter of personal opinion. Although an open public debate should be there on such matters. This constitutional provision was meant for those weaker communities who were supposed to get aided in terms of education, job relaxations so that they could uplift and participate with the rest of nation. People have very half baked knowledge about reservation and such matters. People have perception that reservation decides job opportunities, I am not agree with this. One percent jobs are in government sector and rest of the sector is owned by big private corporate houses and MNCs. I ask if there is a 15 percent reservation, how long it affects at national level?

Social and economic issues like poverty, employment, quality education are ignored under the shield of crying over reservation.

Rail Mantri ji kehte hai ane wale samayme sarkari naukriyan khatam ho jayegi (no government jobs in near future). We should ask him if jobs will not be there then what is the relevance of his own post? He also should resign and the ministry even should not be even there if he is not able to think about creating jobs. People should raise questions on such statements .

What are your views on participation and involvement of youth in politics?

Rajneetini se mera hamesha sarokar raha hai (I have always been concerned about politics). I feel politics is always connected to our lives in different aspects. The day when we are in mother’s womb politics is started in our families. From our birth to bringing us up, our education, marriage all is planned and decided. For those who wants to join it , Politics is like a wind and we have options to stand up against it or turn tails. I have a very unclear opinion on whether youth should participate in politics . It is completely their own choices but the thing is politics should not be taken as a business which deals only with profit and loss.

What you think Modi is ruling the country or he is monitored by corporate houses?

Demonetisation and GST resulted beneficial for big corporate houses only not for small or middle scale enterprises. This is the rule in the sea that big fishes eats small ones. Our prime minister helped to get profit big corporate houses only. Before and during election main agenda were corruption, Rs 15lakh in every account, black money, inflation control and others. After coming in rule, the middle class families were gifted with demonetisation and inflation only. I feel Modi is ruling the country in front of its people only. But behind the scene big corporate houses controlling the nation. The basic idea of social transformation is lost . On the basis of hatred and communal discrimination people are getting divided.

What is common between you and Modi ?

What he speaks in public platform matches with my opinion and my principles . But it is only in front of camera and public. Behind the scene our thoughts are not matched. There is a huge difference in his saying and doing . While he speaks in public, he speaks very confidently. He has been ruling for around three years now, has the government succeeded in getting back black money. Did it stop corruption? Did peasants stop committing suicide? Our country is driven by good will.

If joined politics, which party you will join BJP or Congress?

I have never think about joining any party yet. I support our constitution and social transformation. Social transformation should be the main agenda of any government. When we talk of equality it is not the basis of caste , community or place. In India there is a cultural diversity, different communities and religions are there. Despite of talking over the reservation, religions, communal disturbances government should focus on creating employments, skill development, communal harmony and development. As citizen it is responsibility of all of us to keep our eyes open and ask questions to our government we have chosen.


Right wing using social media to propagate their achievements and reach over masses. I think promotion system can not be an option of the democracy system. I am not that much active in social media because I think I am much engaged in real world than virtual world.