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J&K: Army kills Pakistani terrorist, foils infiltration bid

Pakistani troops suddenly resorted to unprovoked firing on forward Indian positions at around 5.15 pm. Under the cover of fire, a group of 3-4 people infiltrated into the Indian side of the border.

A huge cache of weapons has been recovered from the slain terrorist. (Source: Express photo)

A Pakistani intruder was killed as alert Indian army troops in Poonch district’s Gulpur area of Jammu and Kashmir foiled an infiltration bid from across the Line of Control on Sunday night.

Sources said that the unsuccessful infiltration attempt was made under the cover of unprovoked firing by Pakistani troops. The body of the slain intruder was recovered by the Indian army on this side of the LoC on Monday morning.

Pakistani troops suddenly resorted to unprovoked firing on forward Indian positions at around 5.15 pm. Under the cover of fire, a group of 3-4 people infiltrated into the Indian side of the border.

However, the alert Indian troops had already noticed some movement near the LoC and, while retaliating to Pakistani firing, they challenged the intruders. The intruders also opened fire at Indian troops at a post.


During the exchange of fire, one Pakistani intruder was killed, while others managed to escape. Four Indian soldiers were also hurt in the encounter.

This was the second infiltration foiled by the Indian army since Thursday as terrorists had earlier made an unsuccessful bid to infiltrate through Mendhar’s Dehri Dabsi area.

Rocket launchers recovered from the slain intruder. (Source: Express photo)

Last week, Northern Army Commander Lt General D Anbu had said that an over 300 terrorists on Pakistan side of the LoC were waiting for an opportunity to infiltrate into the state to carry out terror attacks. Pointing out that Pakistani army has a direct role in planning terror attacks in the state, he said that between 190-225 terrorists in the North of Pir Panjal and 185-220 in south are always stationed at launch pads ready to infiltrate from across the LoC.

Pakistan continues in its nefarious designs of supporting and abetting infiltration from across the LoC, the army said, adding that the troops have been keeping a strict and constant vigil along the border and they are prepared to thwart any nefarious design of Pakistan sponsored terrorists.

The slain intruder was in combat fatigue. The list of items seized from the intruder include: Three live RPG grenades, four disposable rocket launchers, two IKOM radio sets, an AK Magazine, two Molotov cocktails, four UBGL grenades, seven hand grenades, one PIKA belt, a mobile phone, three backpacks, a medical satchel and a Pakistan national flag.

The modus operandi adopted by Pakistan army and their sponsored and supported terrorists in this instance is similar to the previous attempts made in the recent past in incidents like one at Keri, Gambir and Sunjawan, the army said. Pakistani army and SSG have provided fire support and abetted the operation by “non-state actors” who have been utilised as dispensable “cannon fodder”, it added.

The recovery of weapons like disposable rocket launchers, Rocket-propelled grenades and incendiary ammunition clearly indicate implicit support of the Pakistan army to target and cause causalities while maintaining a degree of deniability, the army said. After the Sujawan terror attack, Pakistan had refused to accept the bodies of their citizens, the army said. It added it will offer to hand over the body of the armed intruder killed yesterday to the Pakistan army.

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