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‘Jan Aakrosh’ rally Highlights: PM Modi’s promises exposed, govt has failed to deliver

'Jan Aakrosh' rally Highlights: The rally aims to bring overall change and awakening in the country and will represent the outrage of the farmers, price rise, women security, and corruption occurring right under the nose of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Congress.

Sources said that Rahul, along with AICC general secretary in charge K C Venugopal and state Congress president G Parameshwara, met several leaders who were not given tickets.
‘Jan Aakrosh Rally’ Highlights: This is the first rally to be addressed by Rahul Gandhi in Delhi after becoming Congress chief. (File)

Congress President Rahul Gandhi sounded the poll bugle for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections during the Jan Aakrosh rally at the Ramlila ground on Sunday. The Jan Aakrosh rally, which was also addressed by Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh, saw the Congress outline the failures of the BJP-led government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was the first rally to be addressed by the Congress President in the national capital after assuming charge of the Grand Old Party. Key issues related to farmers, women, national security, “impropriety” of Railways Minister Piyush Goyal, Vyapam scam, CBSE paper leaks and mining issues were raised at the rally. “We are holding this rally to represent the emotions and turmoil that every citizen of the country is going through,” said Gehlot, a former Rajasthan Chief Minister.

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At the Jan Aakrosh rally, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi will highlights Modi government's failures

13:07 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandh to go to Kailash Mansarowar

Rahul Gandhi will go to Kailash Mansarowar after the Karnataka elections, asking permission from the people at the Jan Aakrosh rally, Gandhi said that when his plane suffered a mid-air scare he had the thought.  

12:41 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP

In Congress, there is freedom to speak your minds, express your thoughts and ideas, while in BJP the thoughts of just PM Modi and Amit Shah matters, said Rahul Gandhi at Jan Aakrosh rally. 

12:36 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
We will win 2019 elections

Congress surpassed the expectations in Gujarat assembly election and you all will witness the change in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan where we will win followed by the 2019 general elections. The Congress workers will not leave the side of truth, it is these workers who will give the sacrifices for the country no matter what situations they face, said Gandhi at Jan Aakrosh Rally. Our workers give the ultimate sacrifice for truth not for power. 

12:33 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
BJP, RSS spread hatred and fear

BJP and RSS spread hatred and fear while Congress workers spread love. We have provided women security, maintained the unity of the country, strengthened the democracy in 70 years. PM Modi has spread lies about Congress party, its workers and its leaders and now the truth of Narendra Modi is out in the open. 

12:31 (IST) 29 Apr 2018

"PM Modi had said that Congress did nothing in 70 years and demanded 60 months for change. I will tell you what he has done in 60 months, he has hurt the backbone of the informal sector, could not take a stand in front of China, no jobs to youth. Congress party is like the water which has nurtured the foundation of the country."

12:27 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Women not safe under Modi government

For the first time and Indian PM has been asked to protect woman of the country on foreign soil. People have urged Modi Ji to safeguard women in India. 

12:25 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
'No weight in PM Modi's words anymore'

Youth is looking towards the PM Modi and says that there is no weight in their words and just lies, said Rahul Gandhi. I demanded from PM Modi personally to waive off loans of farmers, but he remained silent. "The farmers of this country cannot live without the Congress party, if Congress had not taken a stand Narendra Modi would have snatched all their lands," said Gandhi. 

12:21 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandhi questions Modi's silence

Rahul Gandhi speaking at the 'Jan Aakrosh' rally questioned the silence of Prime Minister Modi on various issues including the judicial crisis being faced by the Supreme Court. He said that the PM is silent on issues pertaining to common people. 

12:20 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi in Jan aakrosh rally

The money from pockets of Indians goes to Nirav Modi who evades justice and settles in London, but this government said nothing on this sort of corruption. Talking about Rafale deal, Gandhi said that there is no money for defence spending and the government alters pre-negotiated contracts, that too at a loss. 

12:17 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at BJP for corruption

India is a country of beliefs and we fold our hands and bow our heads only in front of the truth. PM Modi goes to Karnataka and talks about corruption while on the stage he is being accompanied by his CM candidate Yeddyurappa who was jailed for corruption. Gandhi talking about Nirav Modi said that while he loots the country, the PM brings in demonetisation and takes your money forcing everyone in bank lines. 

12:15 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
'There is anger everywhere against the govt'

Wherever I go, I ask if you are happy, and the response I get is we are angry at the government, says Rahul Gandhi. Gandhi said this is because wherever the PM goes he makes promises, but does not deliver. 

12:12 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandhi addresses the 'Jan Aakrosh' Rally

Rahul Gandhi sounding the poll bugle for the 2019 general elections, thanked the people gathered at the Ramlila maidan for coming to Delhi in such high numbers facing Delhi heat. 

12:10 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
'Democracy under threat'

The constitutional institutions are under threat in the current government, Manmohan Singh was referring to the judicial crisis in the country and said that it is not good for the democracy. Singh said that it is our duty to strengthen the democracy by strengthening the Congress party and supporting Rahul Gandhi in his mission. 

12:08 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Manmohan Singh on increasing fuel prices

Targeting government on increasing fuel prices, Manmohan Singh said that the people are facing immense problems due to the government not reducing the fuel prices, despite the falling prices of crude oil in international market. 

12:04 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Manmohan Singh addresses the rally at Ramlila Maidan

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressing the rally at the Ramlila Maidan said that the promises made by this government have not been delivered. This government is anti-farmer, and it is time that under the leadership of Congress President Rahul Gandhi we need to come together and change the conditions prevalent in the country. 

12:01 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Sonia Gandhi slams Modi govt

We will fight the Modi government with all our efforts, for they have betrayed the people by not fulfilling the promises, said Sonia Gandhi. She urged Congress workers and people to support Rahul Gandhi. 

11:55 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Sonia Gandhi addresses Jan Aakrosh rally

Sonia Gandhi addressing the rally said that the atrocities on woman have increased so much that even little girls are not safe, even their culprits are being saved under this government. Youth who were promised two crore jobs are still looking for jobs, and they know they have been betrayed by Modi Ji.

11:52 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Congress workers take part at Ramlila rally
11:07 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Amit Shah mounts attack on Rahul Gandhi

During today’s ‘Parivar Akrosh Rally’ you will see abject India-hatred on display. After all, the Congress cannot digest that 125 crore Indians have seen through their anti-development and highly divisive politics. Congress’ efforts to create divisions are fully exposed! If the Congress wants to see ‘Jan Akrosh’ they should see the results of election after election, where their Party has been comprehensively defeated across the length and breadth of India. People are not tolerating Congress’ lies, empty promises, corruption and communalism. If the Congress really wants to know why is there Jan Akrosh, they should answer in today’s rally why did they disallow Parliament to function. They should answer why has the Congress prevented the formation of an OBC commission that gives justices to backward sections? I also hope the Congress President apologizes to the nation for the Party’s efforts to trample over every possible institution in the country just because of their power hungry nature. The country is tired of these negative and arm twisting tactics of the Congress.

11:06 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Amit Shah calls it 'Parivar Aakrosh' rally
11:02 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Jan Aakrosh rally underway at Ramlila Maidan

Congress workers at the Jan Aakrosh rally at Ramlila Maidan. (Express Photo by  Prem Nath Pandey)

10:56 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
'The nation is angry and hurting, PM Modi'
10:54 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandhi's challenge goes unheard

Raghul Gandhi during his previous speech addressing the Save the Constitution event had challenged Modi for a 15-minute debate and claimed that he will make the prime minister speechless on the issues being raised by the opposition surrounding the Rafael deal, Nirav Modi and the increasing criminal cases around the security of women in the country.

10:35 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Congress accuses Modi government of betrayal

The Modi Govt's tenure has so far been a disturbing saga of violence, betrayal and failures on every front. Every section of the society is suffering and is angry. The nation stands united today to voice its anger against this insensitive regime, tweets Congress.

10:05 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Congress launched 'Save the Constitution' campaign

Congress has been continuously targetting the Modi government, earlier this month, the party launched a year-long nationwide 'Save the Constitution' campaign. Rahul Gandhi addressing the event had said that the Prime Minister was only concerned about how to become the PM and said, “Narendra Modi is only interested in Narendra Modi. Electoral victory is his only focus.” The Congress president went on to add that the institutions were gifted to India by the Constitution, by the efforts of Jawaharlal Nehru and BR Ambedkar, but the Modi government is now destroying these institutions by appointing RSS ideologues on important positions.

09:21 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Congress to coirner BJP led Modi govt today
09:19 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
'Congress fixing accountability'

Congress IT cell head Aniruddha Sharma said there will be four people with computers and barcode scanners at the entry and exit gates of Ramlila Maidan, so that they can keep a track of workers entering the rally. Congress Leader Sharmistha Mukherjee claimed this is the first time a party is providing identity cards to its workers. The exercise is also meant to fix accountability and maintain a record of Congress workers, she said.

09:18 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Congress worker to mark attendance using ID cards with barcode

The Delhi Congress has issued more than 40,000 identity cards with barcodes, so it can keep track of the number of workers participating in a Rahul Gandhi rally at Ramlila Maidan on April 29. Party sources said the card will also keep track of the number of workers each local leader brings to the rally. Often, local leaders cite exaggerated figures on the crowds they pulled, sources said.

09:16 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Gandhi to speak on corruption under Modi govt
09:15 (IST) 29 Apr 2018
Rahul Gandhi's call to Delhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi during a press conference at Cong HQ. (Express photo by Anil Sharma)

The Delhi Congress has issued more than 40,000 identity cards with barcodes, so it can keep track of the number of workers participating in a Rahul Gandhi rally at Ramlila Maidan on April 29. Party sources said the card will also keep track of the number of workers each local leader brings to the rally. Often, local leaders cite exaggerated figures on the crowds they pulled, sources said.

The exercise will also help the party prepare a database on their workers, such as their ward, block and assembly constituency as well as their mobile number, which can be used each time a crowd has to be mobilised.

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