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Jaipur honour killing case: In-laws, 2 others arrested

Mamta’s parents later allegedly contacted two others for murdering Nair for Rs 2 lakh, the police said.

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(L-R) Mamta’s brother Mukesh, mother Bhagwani Devi, Ravindra Shekhawat and Bhagwana Ram   Express 

A week after a man was killed at his home in Jaipur, allegedly at the behest of his in-laws for marrying their daughter against their wish, the elderly couple, along with two others, were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the murder. Amit Nair, 28, was murdered in the presence of his wife, Mamta, and mother, on May 18.

Mamta’s brother Mukesh, 30, was arrested a day after the murder from Nagaur, nearly 250 km west of Jaipur. Jaipur police commissioner Sanjay Agarwal said that Nair’s father-in-law, Jeewanram Chaudhary, 55, was arrested from Haryana and mother-in-law, Bhagwani Devi, 50, from Sikar in Rajasthan. Agarwal said that Sikar-resident Bhagwana Ram, 51, and another person arrested were involved in conspiracy, planning and execution of the murder.

“Investigation so far has revealed that Mamta’s parents had been planning this for the last six-eight months,’’ he said. “About six months ago, they had approached one Ravi alias Ravindra Shekhawat, 21, a resident of Jaipur, for carrying out the murder but for some reason Ravi did not kill him.’’ The police said Nair and Mamta’s families had been neighbours in Jaipur’s Vaishali Nagar and knew each other. Mamta and Nair had married secretly in 2011. “It was only after Mamta’s LLB was completed in 2015 that they made their wedding public,” Agarwal said. Nair and Mamta had a traditional wedding in Kerala in August 2015.

“Since then, her parents and brother had been putting pressure on her to call off the marriage and tried to bring her home,” said Agarwal, adding, “But when everything failed, Jeewanram contacted Bhagwana Ram… to murder Amit (six months ago).” They contacted Ravi, who agreed to kill Amit for Rs 3 lakh. Ravi even conducted a recce, said Agrawal.


Mamta’s parents later allegedly contacted two others for murdering Nair for Rs 2 lakh, the police said. The police are yet to ascertain who shot Nair. The hunt is on for two more accused. Mamta’s parents had dropped their two accomplices near Bagru in Jaipur after the murder. They then went to Mukesh’s place in Nagaur and parked their car as planned. They then went to Ramdewra in Jaisalmer from where they headed to Suratgarh. Agarwal said Chaudhary later sent his wife to Sikar while he went to Haryana. Mukesh said, “He (Nair) betrayed me. He used to take money from me and then roamed around with my sister with that money.”

Mamta’s parents had arrived at her home on May 17 with a man she said she had never seen before, while another sat in the car outside. Mamta said that her parents asked her to come home with them. When Nair said he would agree if Mamta did, the man with her parents shot her husband four times.

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