Yeddyurappa angrier than ever

Yeddyurappa angrier than ever

Securitymen at Kochi airport failed to identify him as a former CM,causing BSY to throw a tantrum.

Former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa,who has been forced to stop his demands for reinstatement after the BJP high command started to ignore him,was recently involved in a minor fracas at the Kochi airport after security officials sought to frisk him.

The officials and Yeddyurappa’s small entourage were reportedly involved in a bit of jostling before someone identified him as a former Karnataka chief minister.

Back in Bangalore,Yeddyurappa said his “blood is boiling” over his continued neglect by the BJP leadership.

“My silence should not be construed as weakness. Those who are trying to pull me down cannot succeed. My blood has started to boil and in the coming days,I will show what this Yeddyurappa is capable of,” he said.