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Will Sparks Fly?

Looking for new beginnings or happy endings? Tinder is here, stay up all night to get lucky.

Meet Sahil Arora, a Delhi-based copywriter and Tinder addict. After nursing a broken heart for about a year, Arora was looking to date. One day, over drinks with his friends, someone mentioned Tinder, a mobile dating app. The 26-year-old downloaded it, created his profile and for the last few weeks has been busy “going on dates”.

“I am not ready for a serious, long term relationship. I have met some interesting women and have gone on some dates in the last few weeks. Some materialise into short flings, others fizzle out at the bar,” he says.

To hook-up or not to hook-up, if that is the question, then Tinder can be the answer. A mobile-dating app, Tinder is unabashedly superficial. The app was developed in the US in late-2012, and has just begun making its presence felt in India. Available only on iOS and Android phones, here are three easy steps to sign up and surf: download the app and sign-in using Facebook, decide how many photos you want to put up and write a short bio.

Mark the distance limit, the age bracket and gender of the profiles you would like to see and voila, you have been Tinderised. Flip through profiles of single (hopefully), interesting (maybe) and good looking (if they’re not lying) people. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that true love can be found here. How can it, when you swipe right to like a face and left to banish it from your sight? If users like each other’s faces in spite of the wafer-thin profiles, they are informed of a “match”, and encouraged to chat and take it from there.

Given its fickle format, the charm might not last for long. Finding connections in cyberspace is tricky business but the app could be a good option for workaholics, the socially awkward, and lazy people. You could be in a pair of old, torn pyjamas and browse through profiles of men and women around your neighbourhood at any time of the day or night. Easy is as easy does.