What if you were CM? Akhilesh asks on Facebook

What is the ‘One Idea’ that you want to implement if you were the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh?

Written by Deepa Jainani | Lucknow | Published: March 13, 2012 2:52:28 am

What is the ‘One Idea’ that you want to implement if you were the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh? This is the question that the chief minister-designate of the country’s biggest state,Akhilesh Yadav,is asking the people of the state on his official Facebook page A2Y. Ideas,which he promises,will reach the ‘right people and get implemented’. Though the popularity of Facebook and the use of social networking among the youth is nothing new,it is incredible to see the CM of a state like UP,known for its backwardness and small-town image,reaching out for tech-savvy ways to stay connected and in sync with the growing aspirations of the youth of the state,on which he has achieved the stupendous victory for his party.

Explaining the need for this page,Akhilesh writes,“This Facebook page is a medium for people to interact with Akhilesh Yadav and participate in discussions … being a product of young,vibrant and brave new India,I embrace everything that India wants to be: Responsible,trustworthy and ready to take on any challenge.”

Reaching out to the common man through his ‘One Action CM’ link,Akhilesh is seeking opinions from the aam janta on what it thinks needs to be done to change his lot and reach to the core of problems that seem to be pulling the state back from change and modernity. “It is an initiative to stay connected with the common people of the state and the initiative will not end there. All constructive ideas that he is receiving will be seriously implemented. That is a commitment of Akhilesh,” says his friend who has helped design the page.

What is indeed surprising is the fact that the ‘One Action CM’ link on the page,asking people for their ideas if they were the CM,was launched on February 20,even while UP was in the midst of the seven-phase election and when even the staunchest SP supporter had not imagined that the party will get a landslide victory or that Akhilesh will be elected the CM.

On March 4,Akhilesh posted a telling photograph of the UP Vidhan Sabha through the wheel of a cycle,posting an equally telling comment,“Lo bas Vidhan Sabha pahunch hi gayi humari ‘Umeed ki Cycle’!!” (There! Our Cycle of Hope has at last reached the Vidhan Sabha!). On March 5,when the results of exit polls started pouring in,he wrote,“Exit polls,rumours and varying stances of other political parties make the runup to tomorrow’s counting even more exciting. Based on the effort we have made on the ground while campaigning and more importantly because of the efforts made by our party to restructure its approach to best align with the needs of development in Uttar Pradesh,makes me confident that we will outshine the others.”

And soon after results were declared on March 6,Akhilesh wrote,“Feeling ecstatic,humbled & blessed. Thank you,people of Uttar Pradesh,the Election Commission and my party workers. The people of Uttar Pradesh have voted for change and that is what the SP will get for them.”

The fact he is a tech-savvy politician has been written about a lot in the runup to the elections,but that he would take that a step further and connect with the people on issues of governance and administration through the world wide web,is a novel step,which though in sync with the times,will need to be tried by the people of the state before it finally passes their test.

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